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Avatar: Dylanmario's Mii Profile Picture.jpg
Twitter: @dylanmario
YouTube: Dylanmario

About me

Hello and welcome to my User Page, My name is Dylanmario and one of my personal favourite franchises to play is the Mario series of games. I also play non-Mario games such as GTA and Minecraft. I joined this site on 7th June 2021 as I wanted to share my mods. I started learning on creating custom characters 6 months prior, (Thanks to this tutorial here). Please watch if you are interested.

What I do

Here I mainly create various types of mods, ranging from custom characters to custom vehicles. Nearly a year ago (June 2022) I started porting different levels from other games as playable custom tracks instead of creating brand new themed tracks from scratch.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!