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About Me

Hey, I'm cpFusion. I've been casually playing Mario Kart Wii since it's release, but started learning how to create custom textures and tracks around 2020. Besides the Mario Kart series, I also enjoy other games such as Super Smash Bros, Splatoon, and Rocket League. In real life, I am currently studying computer engineering as a graduate student, so unfortunately my free time has been very limited. Modding has been a great pastime between the gaps I have time.

Use of my Work

You MUST get prior approval from me (via Discord) if you wish to do the following:

  • Update or change my work.
  • Create a texture hack or edit of my work.
  • Port my work to another game.
  • Use an asset from my work.
  • Anything else not mentioned on this page.

You are open to do the following without contacting me:

  • Include my work in your MKWii pack or distribution.

Additional Rules and Clarification

If I give you approval on your project that involves my work, additional rules are expected:

  • I have the right to revoke my approval for any reason and at anytime.
  • Use of my work should be made in a quality manner.
  • You are responsible to get my re-approval if you do not release your project after some time (i.e. 6 months).
  • Rules can vary between users or projects, when specified.
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