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Discord Cotni#0150
YouTube Cotni
Wiimmfi 4215-0703-5853
Reminder: Do not edit my tracks without permission.

Hi! I'm Cotni, a computer science student, a CTGP track council admin, a 19-year-old Canadian, and, some rumours suggest, a CT creator.

Over time I've picked up a fair repertoire of CT creation skills, including modeling in 3ds Max. I try to apply this to my own works whenever I manage to overcome procrastination. (In practice, I do not manage to overcome procrastination.)

My works

New tracks

Track Current ver. Release date Status
Crazy-8 Circuit Alpha 2 2022-08-04 Beta imminent... sometime. See my CTGP rejection summary.

Notable hotfixes

Track Versions Release date Notes
Royal Rainbow v2.3 (with Brawlbox) 2022-05-17 The animation flickers were the same problem Big Nature City had.
3DS Music Park (Atlas) v2.1 (with Atlas) 2022-02-23
Mansion of Madness v1.2-alt1.1 (with Silver) 2022-01-15 Helped out Silver by doing all of the course model edits and BRRES work. Messy changes to a messy track.
Thump Bump Forest v1.6 (with Brawlbox, bugsy, and bento) 2021-12-23 Various KCL fixes.
Big Nature City v2.5, v2.6 2020-12-09 What an ordeal this was. CLR0 tip: There is an off-by-one error in how BrawlBox/BrawlCrate saves CLR0 sequence indices, and the easiest workaround is to use a hex editor to decrement the frame count.

This affects the final frame of the sequence... no wonder lgmb chose to leave looping enabled, and just made the frame count absurdly high. Which bloated the uncompressed filesize, which is why I came around to this track in the first place, blissfully unaware of the tomfoolery afoot.

Also, CLR0 animations in course_model.brres don't work properly in splitscreen on the Moonview Highway slot... literally why?

SNES Rainbow Road (ZPL & Bear) v2.6 (with Zachruff and ZPL) 2020-09-25 Various KCL fixes.
Mushroom Island v1.3-alt (with bento) 2020-08-04 Just a bit of gruntwork.
Canyon Run Beta 3, v1.0 2020-06-13 Currently returning to this, mostly to subdivide the road and fix its bumpiness for real.

I regret labeling upgrading the version numbering from Beta x to v1.x without being in contact with the original author, but probably too late to change that.

3DS Piranha Plant Slide (Atlas) v1.1, v1.3 2018-11-28
Rush City Run Beta 5 (with Tock) 2018-11-23 Still don't know how Force Recalculation works.
Icepeak Mountain v1.1 2018-11-23 I eventually came back to this with my newer skills (as of 2022) to properly fix lag among other things, but lost motivation. Bladestorm is finishing that update using my course model edits.

Old tracks

Track Final ver. Release date
GBA Ribbon Road Beta 2017-08-01
Pipeline Skyway II v3.0 2017-07-01
Yoshi's Magic Yarn Basket v1.0 2016-03-19
Pipeline Skyway v2.0 2014-04-19