Comet Starway

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Comet Starway
Creator: WiiLuigi
Designer: BlueSky
Version: v1.44
Date of latest version: 2018-06-08
Editors used:
WBZ files:
Download: Google Drive


Comet Starway is WiiLuigi's 15th custom track, which was originally designed by BlueSky. It has many planets and shooting stars.


v1.44 VS Race
v1.3 VS Race
v1.0 VS Race

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2015-05-09 First release
v1.1 2015-05-22 Update by SpyKid:
  • Fixed endless respawn point.
v1.2 2015-11-09
  • Fixed some Bean corners.
  • Slowed down electric propellers.
  • Changed last star ramps from bouncy to only trickable.
  • Darkened walls.
  • Added more fair respawn points.
  • Changed star animation.
v1.2b 2015-11-30 Update by Wiimm:
v1.3 2015-11-22 Update by maczkopeti:
  • Rotated 90°.
  • Cleaned KCL.
  • Improved KCL variants.
  • Fixed more Bean corners.
  • Fixed Bullet Bill glitches on slot 4.4.
  • The center of the last star ramps are no longer trickable.
  • Enabled star shortcut.
  • Added item routes to shortcuts.
  • Repositioned and downscaled electric propellers.
  • Improved intro cameras.
  • Improved boost and rainbow road effect.
  • Added mipmaps.
  • Animated arrows.
  • Darkened comet ring walls.
  • Simplified minimap.
v1.4 2015-11-30 Update by Torran:
  • Changed ending section.
v1.4.hp 2015-12-18 Update by PhillyG:
  • Centered minimap.
v1.41 2017-06-15 Update by MEGAKart69:
  • Fixed endless respawn point.
v1.42 2017-07-07 Update by Sucht93a based on v1.4:
  • Remade item routes.
  • Added more mipmaps.
v1.43 2018-06-02 Merged v1.41 and v1.42 updates.
v1.44 2018-06-08 Update by Sucht93a:
  • Remade checkpoints and respawn points.

Custom Track Distributions

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Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Komeet-Sterrenbaan
French: Voie Stéllaire Astrale
German: Komet-Sternstraße
Italian: Astropista Cometa
Japanese: すいせいさんぽ
Korean: 혜성 별길
Portuguese: Astroestrada Cometa
Russian: Звездодром Комета
Spanish: Astropista Cometa
Greek: Αστερόδρομος Κομήτη
Polish: Kometowa Gwiazdodroga
Finnish: Komeettojen tähtipolku
Swedish: Kometstjärnvägen
Czech: -
Danish: -