Classic Dragster

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The Classic Dragster[en] is a kart from Mario Kart Wii.

Other than the Nintendo version, there are currently no versions available.

Names in Other Languages

Dutch: Klassieke Dragster
French: Dragster Classique (NTSC)
Nostalgia (PAL)
German: Nostalgia 1
Italian: Nostalgia 1
Japanese: ノスタルジア
Korean: 노스텔지아
Portuguese: Modelo clássico (NTSC)
Nostalgia 1 (PAL)
Russian: Ностальгия-1
Spanish: Modelo Clásico
Greek: Νοσταλγία 1
Polish: Nostalgia 1
Finnish: Nostalgia 1
Swedish: Nostalgi 1
Czech: Nostalgie 1
Danish: Nostalgi 1

[en] - Known as Nostalgia 1 in Europe and Australia