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Avatar Carp's Profile Picture.png
Discord Carp#6969
Twitter @Carprai
Twitch @Carprai
MKWii 4258-0319-2289
osu! Carprai

Hi! My name is Carp. I'm one of the guys who helps test tracks for CTGP. I also frequently play osu!, Splatoon 2, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Custom Track Hotfixes

Here's a list of tracks that I've helped hotfix.
Name Notes
Aquania I redid the checkpoints, respawns, item routes, and the item box set placements to make gameplay on the track a bit better.
Beagle Plains The track was way too small to be playable on most vehicles, so the author and I tried to scale it up, but it didn't work very well, since it caused a couple of other bugs. We also tried editing the ramp coming out of the 270° turn to not shoot people as high upwards, but that caused some issues as well. SpyKid appeared a few months later and fixed all of the problems within about a day.
Fungal Jungle I literally just changed where a KCP was to make a shortcut not give you a NLC half the time. I completely forgot I even did this until I saw I was credited for making the update.
Heart of China I jumped in to fix some minor checkpoint quirks. The number of split paths, coupled with the easter egg, made the checkpoints a little janky, and it was causing a few PTBs and one bad respawn. I fixed those and released the version, but I didn't notice that one of the image files had become non-transparent because SZS Explorer doesn't export with transparency... oopsies!
Jiyuu Village The item routes weren't working very well with all of the branch paths, so I did my best to help Jiyuu to fix them. We got it done eventually, thankfully!
Koopa Shell Pipeland We had to make the half-pipes non-mandatory because they were sending people in obscene directions, so _tZ and I added a ramp and some item routes for it.
Mushroom Island Someone in the CTGP Track Council randomly mentioned to me that he wanted to test out a version of Mushroom Island with no required mushroom turns. After I made the test file, I ended up playtesting it with some SOP clan members, who unanimously said it played surprisingly well. I figured we might as well test it for CTGP if that was the case, so after I got Cotni to finish up the harder parts of the fix we released it.
Slot Circuit The starting position in Version 1.2 was really far behind the actual finish line, so I decided to move it forward. Unfortunately, I couldn't move it all the way forward to the line, as some karts wouldn't have been able to do the first turn.
SNES Koopa Beach 2 (Luca) Everyone was complaining that the ending SC was gone, and someone also managed to trigger a no lap count with it, so I helped Luca with fixing those to play better.
Sundown Streets I helped fix the checkpoints on this, since SpyKid was having trouble getting position tracking to work properly.