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CTGP Revolution
Author: MrBean35000vr, Chadderz
Type: Homebrew Application
Wii title ID: 00010001-RMCX
Online region: 11-59
Tracks: 216 custom tracks
(+2 hidden tracks),
32 original tracks
Battle: Replaced with Countdown Mode (in v1.03.0040)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Swedish
  • Greek
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Finnish
Version: v1.03.1166
Release: 2014-01-12
Latest update: 2024-07-10
Website: chadsoft.co.uk


CTGP Revolution is a custom track distribution created by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz. It is an expansion to and the direct successor of CTGP 2.8 and CTGP 4.4, where it continues the trend of the latter to use custom slots to load custom tracks through a modified menu system. The distribution supports the PAL, NTSC-U and NTSC-J versions of Mario Kart Wii.

This article is about CTGP Revolution v1.03, the successor to CTGP Revolution v1.02. Not only does this add 32 more custom tracks (bringing the total up to 216; two hidden tracks were added later on), but it was released as a custom Homebrew application rather than a Riivolution patch. This means this distribution is the first to feature a custom channel, which supports some special features. While the source code for v1.03 is kept private to prevent hackers, the source code for v1.02 is available here.

As of version 1.03.0040, Countdown Mode has been added as a replacement for the non-functional battles in online play.

As of version 1.03.0050, custom server support has been added as a replacement for Nintendo WFC.

As of version 1.03.1044, Time Trial mode is supported and online Time Trial leaderboards are available.

As of version 1.03.1056, LAN Multiplayer, Item Rain and High Data Rate modes are available.

As of version 1.03.1112, Knockout Mode has been added.


v1.03 Presentation
v1.03 Trailer


This tracklisting is presented as temporary and may be subject to change. A list of new tracks that are ready to be included but are not yet included and tracks that need fixing to be included can be found on the track wishlist.

It currently obeys the default track order of v1.03.1166.

Track Listing
Cup Track Version Author Laps Speed Modifier Music ID Slot ID Special Slot ID
Mushroom Cup.png
Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit Nintendo 0x75 0x08 0x08
Moo Moo Meadows Nintendo 0x77 0x01 0x01
Mushroom Gorge Nintendo 0x79 0x02 0x02
Toad's Factory Nintendo 0x7B 0x04 0x04
Flower Cup.png
Flower Cup
Mario Circuit Nintendo 0x7D 0x00 0x00
Coconut Mall Nintendo 0x7F 0x05 0x05
DK Summit Nintendo 0x81 0x06 0x06
Wario's Gold Mine Nintendo 0x83 0x07 0x07
Star Cup.png
Star Cup
Daisy Circuit Nintendo 0x87 0x09 0x09
Koopa Cape Nintendo 0x85 0x0F 0x0F
Maple Treeway Nintendo 0x8F 0x0B 0x0B
Grumble Volcano Nintendo 0x8B 0x03 0x03
Special Cup.png
Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins Nintendo 0x89 0x0E 0x0E
Moonview Highway Nintendo 0x8D 0x0A 0x0A
Bowser's Castle Nintendo 0x91 0x0C 0x0C
Rainbow Road Nintendo 0x93 0x0D 0x0D
Shell Cup.png
Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach Nintendo 0xA5 0x10 0x10
DS Yoshi Falls Nintendo 0xAD 0x14 0x14
SNES Ghost Valley 2 Nintendo 0x97 0x19 0x19
N64 Mario Raceway Nintendo 0x9F 0x1A 0x1A
Banana Cup.png
Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land Nintendo 0x9D 0x1B 0x1B
GBA Shy Guy Beach Nintendo 0x95 0x1F 0x1F
DS Delfino Square Nintendo 0xAF 0x17 0x17
GCN Waluigi Stadium Nintendo 0xA9 0x12 0x12
Leaf Cup.png
Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills Nintendo 0xB1 0x15 0x15
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Nintendo 0x9B 0x1E 0x1E
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Nintendo 0xA1 0x1D 0x1D
GCN Mario Circuit Nintendo 0xA7 0x11 0x11
Lightning Cup.png
Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 Nintendo 0x99 0x18 0x18
DS Peach Gardens Nintendo 0xB3 0x16 0x16
GCN DK Mountain Nintendo 0xAB 0x13 0x13
N64 Bowser's Castle Nintendo 0xA3 0x1C 0x1C
CTGP Revolution Blooper Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Blooper Cup
Dawn Township v2.5 Jiyuu 1 0x93 0x6F 0x0D
GBA Cheep Cheep Island v1.0 ChaosShadow23 0x95 0x70 0x10
DS Rainbow Road v1.4 ZPL 0x93 0x4D 0x0D
Sky Shrine v1.1 ChaosShadow23 0x79 0x4B 0x02
CTGP Revolution Mega Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Mega Mushroom Cup
Sunset Forest v1.0 Harumyne, KevinVG207, Riidefi 0x75 0x52 0x02
Jungle Cliff v1.5 Wine, Keiichi1996 0xA1 0x5F 0x1D
Ice Cream Fortress v1.3 Citrus 0x9D 0x56 0x1B
Haunted Gardens v2.1 thondam, Hollend 0x97 0x54 0x16
CTGP Revolution Thunder Cloud Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Thunder Cloud Cup
GBA Broken Pier v1.04.8 xBlue98 0x97 0x69 0x19
SNES Choco Island 2 v3.1 Slimeserver 0xC3 0x71 0x1D
Rush City Run Beta 5 GredMega 0x8D 0x4F 0x18
Twin Peaks v1.6 Sucht93a 0x77 0x72 0x01
CTGP Revolution POW Block Cup (v1.03.1058).png
POW Block Cup
Ruinated Peach's Castle v1.02.2 Gabriela_ 0x91 0x73 0x0C
Spectral Station v1.1 MrFluffy 0x97 0x5A 0x0A
DS Waluigi Pinball v4.1 Yoshidude4, Turbo Yoshi 0xA9 0x66 0x12
GCN Daisy Cruiser v1.2 FunkyDude15, Riidefi 0xA5 0x74 0x10
CTGP Revolution Bob-omb Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Bob-omb Cup
GBA Bowser Castle 4 v4.1 ChaosShadow23 0x9B 0x65 0x1E
Luncheon Tour v1.16 Luke Chandler 0xAD 0x6C 0x02
DS Wario Stadium v1.02 ZPL 0xA9 0x75 0x12
The Rabbit Hole RC3-alt1 Sucht93a 2 0x8F 0x53 0x13
CTGP Revolution Fake Item Box Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Fake Item Box Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 1 v1.0 ZPL 5 0x99 0x47 0x18
Sakura Sanctuary v1.02 Terron, Jasperr 0xB3 0x4C 0x16
Superstar Dystopia v1.11 SpyKid 2 0x8D 0x76 0x0C
DS Cheep Cheep Beach v2.1 SquireTurnbolt 0xA5 0x77 0x10
CTGP Revolution Golden Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Golden Mushroom Cup
GCN Yoshi Circuit v1.1 Tock 0xA7 0x6A 0x11
SNES Mario Circuit 2 v2.01 ZPL 0x99 0x78 0x18
N64 Royal Raceway v1.2 ZPL 0x9F 0x59 0x1A
Candy Coaster v3.12 SpyKid 0x87 0x79 0x0B
CTGP Revolution Spring Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Spring Mushroom Cup
DS Airship Fortress v1.3 Sniki 0x9B 0x5B 0x0C
Yoshi Lagoon v1.4.3 Yoshiller, Sucht93a 0x95 0x62 0x1F
N64 Choco Mountain v1.11 TacoJosh 0x83 0x67 0x13
Summer Starville v2.1 SpyKid 0xAF 0x6B 0x0A
CTGP Revolution Fireball Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Fireball Cup
Mech Factory v1.31 Coffee Toffee, TL 0x7B 0x46 0x04
SNES Bowser Castle 2 v2.0 MKDasher 0x91 0x44 0x0C
GCN Bowser's Castle v1.5c Tock 0x91 0x64 0x0C
Incendia Castle RC1.1 MrBean35000vr, Chadderz 0x8B 0x51 0x03
CTGP Revolution Red Shell Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Red Shell Cup
Melting Magma Melee v1.7 Sucht93a 2 0x8B 0x7A 0x03
Final Grounds v2.43 MEGAKart69 2 0x91 0x7B 0x0C
Pipe Underworld v2.09 BigOto2, MEGAKart69 0xA3 0x7C 0x1C
Canyon Run v1.0 GredMega 1.2× 0xBD 0x7D 0x18
CTGP Revolution Blue Shell Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Blue Shell Cup
New Moon Manor v1.1 Sniki 0xA3 0x7E 0x1C
Cosmic Grove v1.2-hotfix TL 0x97 0x60 0x0F
N64 Banshee Boardwalk v1.11 zilly 0x97 0x68 0x19
Fishdom Island v1.01 BigOto2, Jasperr 0x85 0x57 0x0F
CTGP Revolution Bullet Bill Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Bullet Bill Cup
Toad Raceway v1.4 Torran 0x75 0x7F 0x09
Spike Desert v2.1 Sniki 0x89 0x80 0x0E
Delfino Island v1.1.1 Vulcanus2 0xB5 0x6E 0x17
Six King Labyrinth Beta MrBean35000vr, Chadderz 0xA3 0x5C 0x0D
CTGP Revolution Chain Chomp Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Chain Chomp Cup
GCN Luigi Circuit v1.7 Tock 0xA7 0x81 0x08
Castle in the Sky v1.3 Multimariokartds 1 0x8F 0x82 0x0B
Shy Guy Lumber Co. v1.2.5 Metabus 0x8F 0x41 0x06
Undiscovered Offlimit v1.2 Keiichi1996 1 0xA3 0x61 0x0C
CTGP Revolution Mii Outfit C Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Mii Outfit C Cup
Honeybee Hideout v1.3.1 TacoJosh 0x8F 0x45 0x0B
Desert Fort v3.0a JorisMKW 0x89 0x4E 0x0E
Rosalina's Snow World‎ v1.2 SquireTurnbolt 0x9D 0x48 0x1B
Kamek's Library v2.1.4 Ugotowned35000vr, MysterE99 0xC1 0x55 0x1C
CTGP Revolution Poison Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Poison Mushroom Cup
SNES Donut Plains 3 v2.11 Bear, ZPL 0x99 0x83 0x18
Skyline Avenue v2.1 SpyKid 0x8D 0x63 0x0A
GCN Wario Colosseum v1.10.ctgp Tock 2 0xA9 0x84 0x12
Mushroom Peaks RC5.ctgp MrBean35000vr, Chadderz 0x79 0x40 0x02
CTGP Revolution Ice Flower Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Ice Flower Cup
Alpine Skyway v1.6.2 xBlue98, Luca 0x81 0x50 0x06
Mario Castle Raceway v1.11 ZPL, Bri 0x75 0x49 0x00
Autumn Leavesway v2.2 SpyKid, Riidefi 0x8F 0x92 0x0B
GCN Sherbet Land v4.20 Tock 0x9D 0x8B 0x1B
CTGP Revolution Propeller Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Propeller Mushroom Cup
Glacier Mine v1.0-CTGP ishiyama263 1 0x9D 0x5E 0x1B
DS Tick-Tock Clock Beta 2 maczkopeti 0xC7 0x87 0x09
Quaking Mad Cliffs v1.1 MrFluffy 0xAB 0x6D 0x13
Neo Koopa City v2.1 Atlas 0x8D 0x88 0x00
CTGP Revolution Hammer Bro Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Hammer Bro Cup
Infernal Pipeyard v1.0 ChaosShadow23 0x8B 0x90 0x03
Jungle Ruins v2.1 MysterE99 0xA1 0x8C 0x1D
Darkness Temple v3.0 WiiLuigi 0xA3 0x8A 0x1C
CTR Cortex Castle v1.0 MysterE99 0xA3 0x8D 0x1C
CTGP Revolution Wiggler Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Wiggler Cup
GBA Ribbon Road v2.3r Gabriela_ 0xC5 0x98 0x18
DS Luigi's Mansion v1.2 Tock 0x97 0x93 0x19
Wolf Castlegrounds v1.12 SpyKid 0xA3 0x8E 0x1C
Castle of Darkness v2.23 MEGAKart69 0xA3 0x9B 0x1C
CTGP Revolution Penguin Suit Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Penguin Suit Cup
Nivurbia v1.31 SpyKid 0x81 0x96 0x06
DS Mario Circuit v7.1 ZPL 0x75 0x99 0x00
Musical Motorway v2.1.ctgp Atlas 0xBB 0x97 0x05
Dark Matter Shrine v1.2 Sniki 0x93 0x85 0x0D
CTGP Revolution Bee Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Bee Mushroom Cup
GBA Sky Garden v1.0 acaruso 0x79 0x95 0x02
Glimmer Express Trains v1.4 Sniki 2 0x83 0x8F 0x07
Garden of Dreams v1.1 Jiyuu 0xB3 0x86 0x16
Desert Castle Raceway v1.8 lgmb 2 0xB1 0x9C 0x15
CTGP Revolution Rock Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Rock Mushroom Cup
Melody Sanctum v2.0 SpyKid 2 0x89 0x94 0x0E
Musical Cliff v1.3 Luca 0x8F 0x9A 0x0B
GBA Cheese Land v3.1 ChaosShadow23 0x77 0x91 0x01
Royal Rainbow v2.4 Brawlboxgaming 0x93 0x9D 0x0D
CTGP Revolution 1-Up Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
1-Up Mushroom Cup
Stargaze Summit v1.2 Ferv 0x81 0x9E 0x06
Bowser Jr.'s Crafty Castle Beta++++ Fuffina, Shorky 0xAF 0x9F 0x17
GCN Dino Dino Jungle v1.5 Tock 0xAB 0xA0 0x13
Bluster Blob Bluff v1.1 MrFluffy 0x81 0xA1 0x06
CTGP Revolution Feather Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Feather Cup
Coin Heaven v2.2 TacoJosh 0x79 0xA2 0x00
Kinoko Cave v1.1 igorseabra4, Sucht93a, Wingcapman 0x79 0xA3 0x02
GCN Baby Park v1.1 maczkopeti 7 0xBF 0xA4 0x00
Desktop Dash v1.3 MysterE99 0x7F 0xA5 0x05
CTGP Revolution Shine Sprite Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Shine Sprite Cup
GBA Bowser Castle 1 v1.1 ChaosShadow23 0x9B 0xA6 0x1E
Aura Metropolis v1.2 SpyKid 0x8D 0xA7 0x18
CTR Blizzard Bluff v1.0 MysterE99 0x81 0xA8 0x06
Midnight Museum v1.2 SquireTurnbolt 0xA1 0xA9 0x1D
CTGP Revolution Yoshi Egg Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Yoshi Egg Cup
GBA Mario Circuit v1.1 MysterE99 0x75 0xBB 0x09
Obstagoon's Palace v1.04 SpyKid 0xB3 0xAB 0x0C
Wiimmfi Wonder World v1.0-CTGP Sniki 0xB9 0xB2 0x0B
Bowser Jr.'s Fort v1.2 Vulcanus2, MrFluffy 0x9B 0xB7 0x0D
CTGP Revolution Stone Tanooki Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Stone Tanooki Cup
Fort Francis v3.1 JadenMKW 0xB7 0xBC 0x0F
Abandoned Boardwalk v1.1 ChaosShadow23, Renegade Ciara 0x97 0xAA 0x19
Gothic Castle v1.3.3 SpyKid, Scye 2 0x91 0xB5 0x0C
DK Ruins v2.12 ZPL 0xA1 0xBD 0x1D
CTGP Revolution Birdo Egg Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Birdo Egg Cup
GBA Lakeside Park v3.0 ChaosShadow23 0xA1 0xB9 0x1D
N64 Koopa Troopa Beach v1.1c zilly 0xA5 0xB3 0x0F
Camp Kartigan v1.3 MrFluffy 0x8F 0xB6 0x0A
Mushroom Island v1.3-alt BigOto2, Inkling35000vr, Sniki 0x79 0xBA 0x02
CTGP Revolution Bowser Shell Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Bowser Shell Cup
Fiery Factory, Fading Frost v1.0 Cotni 0x9B 0xAC 0x03
GCN Mushroom City v1.3 Riidefi, Tock 0x8D 0xAD 0x0A
Volcanic Skyway v1.1 BigOto2, bento, Metabus 0xB1 0xB4 0x15
Lost Ruins v1.1 JorisMKW 0x97 0xD2 0x02
CTGP Revolution Metal Mushroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Metal Mushroom Cup
Piranha Plant Pipeline v1.3 Atlas 0x85 0xAE 0x0F
Lava Lake v2.3 JorisMKW 0x8B 0xAF 0x03
Dragon Burial Grounds v2.3 Multimariokartds 2 0xA3 0xBE 0x1C
N64 Frappe Snowland v1.3.1 AltairYoshi 0x9D 0xC0 0x1B
CTGP Revolution Luigi Fireball Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Luigi Fireball Cup
GBA Luigi Circuit v2.2 Flint 0x75 0xB8 0x08
Wuhu Mountain Beta 3 FunkyDude15, Wexos 1 0x87 0xB0 0x09
Toadette's Castle v2.5 Toadette Hack Fan, FunkyRacer 0xC1 0xBF 0x0C
τ-Cryovolcano v1.3-hotfix2 Strobenz 0x81 0xB1 0x03
CTGP Revolution Pencil Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Pencil Cup
Windy Whirl v1.4 Syst3ms 0xA9 0xE5 0x12
Amanita Abyss v1.2 Brawlboxgaming, SquireTurnbolt 0x79 0xC1 0x02
Forest Creek v1.0.5 Okin 0xA1 0xCA 0x1D
Dragonite's Island Beta Sucht93a, Riidefi 0xAB 0xF7 0x13
CTGP Revolution Grand Star Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Grand Star Cup
Frantic Funyard v1.1.ctgp Sniki 0x8F 0xDD 0x0A
Fungal Jungle v1.21 TacoJosh 0xA1 0xE7 0x1D
GCN Mushroom Bridge v1.4 Tock 0x8D 0xD5 0x0A
Yoshi's Woolly Raceway v1.1.1 Aidan190903, ANoob 0xAD 0xF1 0x14
CTGP Revolution Boo Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Boo Cup
Dark Matter Fortress v1.7.2 Justin 0xA3 0xD3 0x1C
Magmatic Sanctuary v1.44 ZPL, Jasperr, acaruso 0xA3 0xF0 0x0C
Jiyuu Village v1.2.1 Jiyuu 0xAF 0xF8 0x17
Windmill Village v3.2 ChaosShadow23 0xAF 0xCB 0x17
CTGP Revolution Spin Drill Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Spin Drill Cup
Rock Rock Ridge v2.0 MrKoeikoei, zilly 0xAB 0x35 0x09
Christmas Court v1.2 Luke Chandler 0x9D 0xC5 0x1B
Mansion of Madness v1.2-alt1.8610.2 Sucht93a 2 0xC1 0xEA 0x03
Big Nature City v2.6 lgmb 2 0xAF 0xF4 0x17
CTGP Revolution Star Bits Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Star Bits Cup
Northern Heights v2.3.1 Lovelifeandtpose024 0x81 0xE6 0x06
Daisy's Palace v1.4 Vulcanus2, JorisMKW 0x8F 0x2A 0x0F
Alpine Peak v1.4 MysterE99 0x81 0x3B 0x06
Celestial Ruins v2.4.1 ChaosShadow23 0x79 0x2C 0x02
CTGP Revolution Lava Bubble Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Lava Bubble Cup
N64 Rainbow Road v1.2.1 cpfusion 2 0x93 0xEC 0x0D
Luigi's Island v4.51 Harumyne, ZPL 0x75 0xDE 0x1A
SNES Bowser Castle 3 v3.2 DasFragezeichen, Tock 0x9B 0xDF 0x1E
Lava Road v3.5 FireLuigi, Caron, Renegade Ciara 0x91 0xDA 0x0C
CTGP Revolution Cheep Cheep Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Cheep Cheep Cup
Super Marine World v1.1 MrFluffy 0x9D 0xEB 0x1B
Jungle Jamble v1.0 Torran, Yoshi86UP 0xAB 0xDC 0x1B
Boshi Skatepark v1.2 Luke Chandler 0xB9 0xDB 0x05
Lumpy's Lively Lair v1.1 MrFluffy 0xC5 0x33 0x08
CTGP Revolution Ice Bro Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Ice Bro Cup
Crystal Plains v1.1 Sniki 2 0x77 0xC6 0x01
Underground Sky v1.4 EC2Joshi, Caron 2 0xAB 0xC4 0x13
DS DK Pass v2.2b ZPL 0x81 0xC2 0x06
GBA Snow Land v2.1.1 cpfusion 0x9D 0xD4 0x1B
CTGP Revolution Gold Flower Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Gold Flower Cup
Vile Isle v1.4.1 Citrus 0xA3 0xD6 0x1C
CTR N. Gin Labs v1.5 MysterE99 0x7B 0xD8 0x1E
Mystic Tangle v1.1 ZPL 0xA1 0xEE 0x1D
White Garden v2.5 SpyKid, Riidefi 0xB3 0xF6 0x16
CTGP Revolution Question Mark Block Cup (v1.03.1058).png
? Block Cup
Colour Wonderland v2.04 SpyKid 0x93 0x32 0x0D
Blissful Block v2.4-ctgp-hotfix Strobenz 0x8D 0x2F 0x0A
Volcanic Valley v2.6.1 MEGAKart69 1 0x8B 0xC3 0x03
Sahara Hideout v2.2 ZPL, Jasperr, Golden RS 2 0x8B 0xED 0x03
CTGP Revolution Cloud Flower Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Cloud Flower Cup
Jungle Glade v1.4.1 Citrus 0xA1 0xE8 0x1D
Bowser's Termination Station v1.2 SquireTurnbolt, TL, bugsy 2 0x9B 0xEF 0x1E
Shy Guy's Market v2.0b Atlas 0xB1 0x2D 0x15
Festival Town v2.2 WiiLuigi 0xAF 0xF3 0x17
CTGP Revolution Brick Block Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Brick Block Cup
Cherry Blossom Garden v2.3 Renegade Ciara, ChaosShadow23 0xB3 0xCC 0x16
Terra Ursae v1.2.2 Bear 0xA1 0xCD 0x1D
Tropical Factory v1.4 Sniki 2 0x7B 0xCF 0x0A
Crystal Dungeon v3.42 SpyKid 0x8F 0xCE 0x0B
CTGP Revolution Blue Coin Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Blue Coin Cup
Aquadrom Stage v4.0-fix SpyKid 0x85 0xC8 0x0F
Abyssal Ruins v2.2.1 ChaosShadow23 0xA3 0xC9 0x1C
Medieval Castlegrounds v1.1b JorisMKW, kHacker35000vr 0x75 0xD9 0x00
Spooky Swamp v2.2 EdwardJW 1.055× 0x97 0xE3 0x19
CTGP Revolution Green Star Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Green Star Cup
GBA Sunset Wilds v1.1 ChaosShadow23 0xB1 0x2E 0x15
Thump Bump Forest v2.1.1 SquireTurnbolt 0x97 0xC7 0x19
N64 Yoshi Valley v1.4 ZPL 0xAD 0xE2 0x0B
N64 Wario Stadium v1.01 zilly 0x9F 0xE1 0x12
CTGP Revolution Goomba Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Goomba Cup
The Great Apple War v1.1.badapples!! Atmosphere, Birj, Blaze ok, Bluebatstar, BroOFun, CarryOn, Chouchintosh,
Coffee Toffee, G-Force, Galaxia37, JadenMKW, Metabus, Mickeyman713, MKWahPhil, Rex, Shorky, Slimeserver, TL, Trainiax, YoshTaku, bento, CobaltYoshi27, Epik95, JC, KouraRiku, Mystic, Silverr, Vrock02
0xC3 0x20 0x1F
GBA Riverside Park v2.2 ChaosShadow23 0xA1 0x21 0x1D
Siberian Chateau v1.01 Jasperr, Golden RS, Terron, NakDak 0x9D 0x22 0x1B
Concord Town v4.0 RemyInTheSky 0xAF 0x23 0x17
CTGP Revolution Lakitu Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Lakitu Cup
Big Express City v1.7.ctgp lgmb 1 0x8D 0x24 0x0A
Lost Fortress v4.1 MEGAKart69 0x91 0x25 0x0C
The Grand Archives v1.1 Metabus 0x7F 0x26 0x05
Starry Cityscape v1.1-Hotfix bugsy 2 0x93 0x27 0x0D
CTGP Revolution Volt Shroom Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Volt Shroom Cup
DS Bowser Castle v1.1a Sniki 0x9B 0x28 0x1E
DS Shroom Ridge v1.1 Sniki 0x8D 0x29 0x0A
GBA Peach Circuit v1.1 ChaosShadow23 0x75 0x2B 0x09
GBA Rainbow Road v1.3.2 ChaosShadow23 0x93 0x30 0x0D
CTGP Revolution Super Acorn Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Super Acorn Cup
Halogen Highway v1.1 BigOto2 2 0x8D 0x31 0x0A
Toad's Temple v2.0 LucioWins 2 0x83 0x34 0x07
Daisy Hillside v1.7f Atlas 0x77 0x3C 0x01
Pianta Shore v1.2.5 NateFox 0xA5 0x3D 0x10
CTGP Revolution Shy Guy Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Shy Guy Cup
Wuhu Island v1.3.2 FunkyDude15, Riidefi, Zachruff 1 0x87 0x3E 0x0A
Banished Keep v1. Metabus 0xA3 0x3F 0x1C
Strobenz Desert Illusion v1.4 Strobenz 2 0xBD 0xD0 0x0E
Wetland Woods v1.0 Vulcanus2 0x85 0xD1 0x0F
CTGP Revolution Thwomp Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Thwomp Cup
Sky High Island v1.04 Jasperr 2 0x85 0xD7 0x0F
Aqua Dungeon v2.2 ZPL 0xA3 0xE0 0x1C
Bowser's Fiery Fortress v1.2.4 ZPL 0x91 0xE4 0x0C
GBA Bowser Castle 2 v2.1 ChaosShadow23 0x9B 0xE9 0x1E
CTGP Revolution Piranha Plant Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Piranha Plant Cup
GBA Boo Lake v2.3 Slimeserver 0x97 0xF2 0x19
Hell Pyramid v2.31 SpyKid 0x8B 0xF5 0x03
Rainbow Road: Solar Edition v3.03 BigOto2, ZPL 2 0x93 0xF9 0x0D
Castle of Time v2.23 MEGAKart69 2 0xA3 0xFA 0x1C
CTGP Revolution Boomerang Flower Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Boomerang Flower Cup
Thwomp Swamp v1.2 MysterE99 0x97 0xFB 0x19
Marble Towers v1.5 Sniki 0x8F 0xFC 0x0B
Sandstone Cliffs v1.3.5 Citrus 0x79 0xFD 0x02
Koopa Shell Pipeland v1.1 MysterE99 0x85 0xFE 0x0F
CTGP Revolution Rainbow Yoshi Cup (v1.03.1058).png
Rainbow Yoshi Cup
Flying Kingdom v1.2 SpyKid 2 0x93 0x4A 0x0D
Lunar Lights v1.0 Sniki 0x93 0x5D 0x0D
GCN Rainbow Road v1.2 Riidefi, Tock 0x93 0x58 0x0D
SNES Rainbow Road v2.8.1 ZPL, Bear 0x93 0x89 0x0D
Hidden Tracks Super Sky Courtyard v1.0 Strobenz 0xAD 0x36 0x14
Disco Fever v3.3.ctgp2 xBlue98 0xBB 0x39 0x0D

Hidden Tracks

While the game may have 216 visible tracks, there are two hidden tracks. These tracks may have been included in previous versions of CTGP Revolution and can only be accessed through a custom cup layout. The tracks are Super Sky Courtyard and Disco Fever.

To access Disco Fever, when selecting a track for the custom cup layout, enter the code UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, HOME/START (depending on your controller of choice). Video

To access Super Sky Courtyard, when selecting a track for the custom cup layout, enter the code LEFT, UP, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, HOME/START (depending on your controller of choice). Video

Special Features

Below are listed special features that are included in this distribution:

Channel Features

Channel Features
Feature Author Information
Automatic Updates Chadderz The CTGP-R Channel can automatically update the distribution as updates become available.
Cheat Blocking Chadderz The CTGP-R Channel has been designed to be more secure than a Riivolution distribution and to disallow cheat codes on Wi-Fi.
Cup/Course Organiser MrBean35000vr The CTGP-R Channel features a cup/course organizer allowing users to choose their cup layout in-game.
Automatic BRSAR Patching Chadderz The CTGP-R Channel can automatically make alterations to the revo_kart.brsar file to update the lengths of the game's music files. This means it is no longer necessary to patch revo_kart.brsar when using custom music in the My Stuff folder.
Channel Music Chadderz Background music can be added to the CTGP-R Channel by dropping MP3 files in /ctgpr/ChannelMusic on the user's SD card. The music files play randomly while the channel is active.
Time Trial Leaderboards MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Online leaderboards are available for all custom tracks and Nintendo tracks. Player created ghosts are automatically transmitted to these leaderboards. Each ghost has its own individual link, which is determined by the SHA1 hash of the ghost file itself. This was added in v1.03.1044.

Game Features

Game Features
Feature Author Information
Custom Menu System Chadderz This distribution makes use of custom menus to load custom track slots. The cup selection menu is modified with two buttons featuring arrows to the left and right of the main cups. When selected, these buttons cause the current on-screen cup buttons to be replaced with other cups, including custom cups, creating a scrolling menu system. All custom tracks are stored inside custom cups.
Custom Tracks Worldwide XeR This distribution is capable of searching for random players to play custom tracks with. When running the distribution, simply press the Regional/Continental button (which is renamed to "Custom Tracks Worldwide") to search for custom track players. You can also join your friends playing through the region and they can join you.
Change Characters Between Wi-Fi Races MrBean35000vr When in online play, the player's character, vehicle and drift mode choice may be changed between races by pressing + or START (depending on your controller) when on the VR screen. This simply takes the player back to the character select menu and then returns them to the vote when they have reselected. If the time limit expires, the currently selected options are taken.
Random Track Selection Chadderz Pressing + or START (depending on your controller) will allow the game to select a custom track based on a number provided by the game's RNG system. It can be used offline and online to randomly select a track to play on. As of v1.03.1150, the "Random" function in online play works like in the original game, but it is still possible to use the old randomizer when pressing the respective button while highlighting a cup.
16 Race Repeat Limit MrBean35000vr, Chadderz In lobbies, if a track has been played, it will not get selected again until 16 races have passed. This is to encourage variety in track votes. However, if everyone votes for a track that has been played within the last 16 tracks, it will be forced to select one of them.
Wi-Fi Timer Chadderz The countdown timer on the Wi-Fi voting screen is always shown. The time allocated is 30 seconds.
Wi-Fi Time Limit Expansion Chadderz This distribution modifies the race time limit on Wi-Fi. It has been expanded from five minutes to 5:40, allowing longer tracks to be entered and played through to completion. The game has another hard limit of 5:56 before it disconnects everyone, so it is impractical to increase the time beyond 5:40, as the time advances even when looking at leaderboards. If 5:40 is reached, the distribution forces you past the leaderboards quickly to avoid disconnection.
Draggable Blue Shells MrBean35000vr Blue Shells can now be held behind you like Green and Red Shells. They will explode on contact, but not hurt the player. They can be used to protect against other items being shot from behind, but if wheelie-bumped while holding a Blue Shell behind you, it will fall away and disappear. Only one Blue Shell can exist at once, so even when it is held out behind you, it will be impossible for anyone else to get one from an item box.
Speedometer Chadderz There is a speedometer in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This only works in single-player modes.
Max Lap Count Modifier Geeh, MrEvil A track can have anywhere between one and eight laps.
Speed Modifier MrBean35000vr Tracks have a speed modifier applied (e.g. 2× speed) which causes all parts of the game's physics to move at the increased speed (including vehicles, items and boosts).
Countdown Mode MrBean35000vr Countdown Mode has been added as a replacement for battles in single-player online play. This was added in v1.03.0040.
Custom Server Support Wiimm, Leseratte Support to play on a custom Mario Kart Wii server has been added as a replacement to Nintendo WFC. This was added in v1.03.0050.
Item Rain MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Item Rain is a game mode where items fall randomly from the sky to disrupt players. It is available in offline play and online friend rooms. This is not compatible with the Item Rain GCT. This was added in v1.03.1058.
LAN Multiplayer MrBean35000vr, Chadderz LAN Multiplayer is available as an alternative to custom server support for connecting multiple instances. This is compatible with the standalone LAN Multiplayer mod. This was added in v1.03.1058.
High Data Rate MrBean35000vr, Chadderz High Data Rate is available for online friend rooms. This is compatible with the GCT as long as the room host is using CTGP Revolution. This was added in v1.03.1058.
In Game Room Stability Viewer MrBean35000vr, Chadderz You can now see how stable a friend room is before starting; the more stable it is, the more likely there will be fewer disconnections. This was added in v1.03.1038.
Error Code 60000 Skip MrBean35000vr, Chadderz If a user was going to get error code 60000, instead the game will automatically give a new friend code to a license that had one from a different WFC server. This was added in v1.03.1066.
USB GCN Adapter Support MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Allows GameCube controllers to be usable VIA the USB GameCube Controller Adapter. This was added in v1.03.1062.
Mii Heads on Minimap MrBean35000vr, Chadderz When playing online, character minimap icons will be replaced by the player's Mii head. This was added in v1.03.1026.
Remove Game Music MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Prevents all BRSTM audio from playing.
Higher VR Tier in Worldwide MrBean35000vr, Chadderz When a Worldwide has an average VR of 7500 or higher, there is a 5% chance for 100cc, 65% chance for 150cc and 30% chance for Mirror. This was added in v1.03.1058.
VR Search in CTWWs MrBean35000vr, Chadderz When searching for a Custom Track Worldwide, the game will try to match you with players that have similar VR to your own. This is to try to allow everyone to have more enjoyable races. This was added in v1.03.1058.
Smart Suspend MrBean35000vr, Chadderz The game will prevent too many people from joining Worldwides at once, which prevents mass disconnections. This was added in the CORE 1.03.0138 update.
Room Encryption and Security MrBean35000vr, Chadderz There are options that will only accept other users on CTGP Revolution (with either custom tracks on or off) into your friend room and can also not let people enter who have My Stuff enabled. This also scrambles the game's packets to prevent people from sniffing packets with programs like mkw-ana. This was added in v1.03.1026.
Item Box Toggle Online MrBean35000vr, Chadderz You can disable item boxes in friend rooms. This was added in v1.03.1058.
My Stuff Folder MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Allows users to replace certain files with their own, allowing for custom textures, among other things.
Save game on SD Card MrBean35000vr, Chadderz Allows users to save their game on their SD card, rather than the Wii's NAND.
Ignorance Is Bliss Anti-Cheat MrBean35000vr, Chadderz An anti-cheat that can defend against item hackers in online lobbies, with the milliseconds on the clock showing which user is hacking. It can also sometimes prevent your Wii from freezing due to hackers. This was added in v1.03.1000.
Crash Handler MrBean35000vr, Chadderz If your Wii crashes, you will be returned to the CTGP-R Channel with an error message.
200cc MrBean35000vr This mode is inspired by Mario Kart 8, which also includes brake drifting and fast falling mechanics. It can be enabled for offline modes and/or friend rooms. This was added in the CHAN 0.04.0090 update.
Frameskip MrBean35000vr, Chadderz This will prevent the game from running slowly when the Wii gets overloaded from complicated tracks and similar, by skipping render frames, thus introducing a noticeable stutter when ordinarily the game would lag, but critically not causing the game to slow down. This was added in v1.03.1076.
Enhanced Ghost Replay MrBean35000vr, Chadderz When watching a ghost replay, all HUD elements that are normally hidden have been re-enabled. This was added in v1.03.1044.
Knockout Mode MrBean35000vr This is an elimination-style game mode where you get knocked out for racing poorly, either at the end of each race, or the end of each GP, depending on the host's settings. The last person standing once everyone else has been knocked out is the winner. This was added in v1.03.1112.
Spectator Mode MrBean35000vr Players can watch races in friend rooms similar to a live view. This was added in v1.03.1112.
Menu Transition Speed MrBean35000vr Almost all animations on menus are skipped, allowing the game to be navigated very quickly. This was added in v1.03.1150.

Version History

Version Date of release Tracks Information
CTGP 2.8 2010-10-12 28 First release
CTGP 4.4 2011-03-01 44
  • Added 16 tracks.
  • Added custom track slot support with three layers.
CTGP Revolution v1.0 2011-10-02 104
  • Added 60 tracks.
  • Changed Wi-Fi time limit to 5:40.
  • Added ghost blocking.
  • Added custom menu system.
  • Added Custom Track Worldwide support through a separate patch.
CTGP Revolution v1.01 2011-12-27 128
  • Custom Track Worldwides are now a default feature.
  • Added 24 tracks.
  • Updated some tracks.
CTGP Revolution v1.02 2012-09-30 184
  • Removed Nintendo tracks in Custom Track Worldwides.
  • Added 56 tracks.
  • Updated many tracks.
  • Added draggable Blue Shell.
  • Added Wi-Fi timer.
  • Added speedometer.
  • Added random selection.
  • Fixed demo videos.
  • Fixed Multiplayer bug.
  • Improved cup icons.
CTGP Revolution v1.03 2014-01-12 216
  • Added Homebrew application to launch.
  • Added CTGP Revolution Channel along with:
    • Cup/Course Organiser
    • Lap Count & Speed Modification
    • Automatic Updates
    • Automatic BRSAR Patching
  • Added cheat protection.
  • Added 64 tracks.
  • Removed 32 tracks.
  • Updated some tracks.
  • Added character changer.
  • Added Countdown Mode (in v1.03.0040).
  • Added custom server support (in v1.03.0050).
  • Added LAN Multiplayer (in v1.03.1058).
  • Added Item Rain (in v1.03.1058).
  • Added High Data Rate in friend rooms (in v1.03.1058).
  • Added Knockout Mode (in v1.03.1112).
  • Fixed random selection bugs.
  • Removed Riivolution support.

Individual updates can be found here.