Light-blue Yoshi on Blue Biddybuggy

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This article is about Saiveeon's character texture and vehicle port. For other versions of this character, see Light-blue Yoshi. For other versions of this vehicle, see Blue Biddybuggy.
Light-blue Yoshi on Blue Biddybuggy
Creator: Saiveeon
Designer: Nintendo
Version: RC1
Date of latest version: 2021-05-14
Editors used: Blender, BrawlCrate
Download: Google Drive


This is a port created by Saiveeon, using models from Mario Kart Tour. It goes over Yoshi on the Super Blooper. The tires are Rollers retextured to be Azure Rollers. This was inspired by an event on AaronTheSilverGamer's stream celebrating PurpleYoshiFanSpence1998's birthday.



In-game preview of the character and vehicle

Version History

Version Date of release Information
RC1 2021-05-14 First release
By the same author: Saiveeon

CTGP Revolution Classic

Custom Tracks:
BIG SHOTGBA Rainbow RoadLuigi's LakesideSR Radical City

Old/Outdated Mods