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Hi! I am a custom track maker and a MKWII racer who has been playing this game since 2008. Back in 2015 i wanted to make custom tracks, I tried and I failed a bit but then in 2016 I decided to try again and so far got an alpha version of Unnamed Town and then abandoned it. In 2017 I had the urged to come back to this game and to do custom tracks again and currently remaking a few custom tracks. Check out my project list to see what I am currently doing! Also do not make updates to my tracks without my permission.


Name Latest Version Planned Update Version Current Status Newest Update Plans or Progress
Fishdom Island v7.33 N/A Completed Got nothing planned right now.
Unnamed Town v1.5.5 N/A Completed Got nothing planned right now.
Tideshift Town v1.03 N/A Completed Got nothing planned right now.
3DS Rainbow Road v1.41 N/A Completed Got nothing planned right now.
Icepeak Mountain v1.3 N/A Completed Got nothing planned right now.
Variety Pack v3.0.5 v3.1 In Progress See page for more details.
Mushroom Creek N/A v1.0 On Hold Modelling the track.
Dry Coast v3.1d v4 On Hold Remake with some alterations to the layout. Visual overhaul as well.

Project Information

  • Fishdom Island had a complete visual overhaul and some layout changes done by Jasperr and Rinorocks. I created the SZS for it to be playable.
  • Unnamed Town is my first custom track. It it's set in an unknown town that gets flooded by lap 2 forcing players to take a different route.
  • Tideshift Town is the sequel to Unnamed Town. It features better visuals and some gameplay improvements that makes it function better.
  • Icepeak Mountain update will remove lag and feature quality of life improvements such as being able to see the out of bounds.
  • 3DS Rainbow Road is a direct port from Mario Kart 7 and is the first one for that track. Some changes had to be made since Mario Kart Wii doesn't support the gliders or the wavy roads that are present on the track.
  • Variety Pack is a distribution with a variety of tracks and game modes. Check out the discord for updates.
  • Mushroom Creek is currently being modelled. Decided to start from scratch. Unsure on release date.

By the same author: Bladestorm227

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