Black Box Fixer

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Black Box Fixer
Creator: piggeywig2000
Version: v1.1
Operating Systems: Windows
Download: Windows

This tool fixes the black box bug that occurs on some tracks when using certain versions of Dolphin Emulator.


Example of the black box bug

On older versions of Dolphin, there used to be an issue where, on some tracks, a dark black box covered the top left quarter of the screen. This has since been fixed on the desktop versions, but it is still present on Dolphin Emulator for Android.

This tool has been created to fix this bug. It patches a Mario Kart Wii disk image (.iso file) to remove the black box. See Obtain Original Track Files for information on legally obtaining this disk image file.

This tool should work with all regions. It should also work with the unmodified game and with any Custom Track Distributions, assuming they either directly replace the 32 tracks or they use CT-CODE to have more than 32 tracks. Distributions created with LE-CODE have not been tested, so there's a good chance they don't work. If there is a region and/or custom track distribution that this tool does not work with, please contact piggeywig2000 on Discord and he'll see if he can fix the issue.

How it works

The reason why this bug occurs on some tracks and not others is because of certain track's post-effect settings. The post-effect in particular that causes this is the posteffect.bdof file, which controls camera effects such as focus, sharpness and blur in tracks.

This program checks every track in the Courses folder. If a track has a posteffect.bdof file, it is replaced with one from a track where the black box bug is not present - namely GCN Peach Beach.


This tool only works on Windows. Linux support is ready, but before it is released a tester is needed. Please contact piggeywig2000 on Discord if you can help test that the Linux version works. OSX will not be supported.

This tool has a few dependencies. If it does not work as expected, make sure you have all of these installed.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2019-04-14 First release
v1.1 2019-04-16
  • It should now work properly with Custom Track Distributions and patch all the tracks (assuming they're using CT-CODE).
  • Made the program a lot more robust. It can now handle errors from several causes, such as the user deleting temporary folders.
By the same author: piggeywig2000

Black Box Fixer