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Bass PHOX (🏳️‍⚧️ She/Her)
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YouTube Bass_PHOX
Twitter @Bass_PHOX
Twitch Bass_PHOX
Revolt @Bass_PHOX
Discord Bass_PHOX#9420
Discord Server The Fox Hole
List of random things
Favorite game mode Formula Kart Wii
Favorite Character Dry Bxwser by Dxrk
Favorite mood song Run by Kai Wachi
Favorite Quote "READ" - Ismy
Tired of NFT's? Try EFT's!

Name Change

I used to go by GLiTCH. I have changed my name to Bass PHOX since april 1st 2022. Some of my project may still have the name GLiTCH on them. Please not that those still belong to me, and I haven't renamed the author on those yet.

About Me

20 year old goth trans girl. I love sleeping and playing Formula Kart Wii. I do texture hacks sometimes. Keyword: "sometimes".

I listen to a lot of Riddim.

Wannabe floofy. I am NOT cute. Stop calling me cute.

My Discord DM's are closed, so if you need me, Join my Discord Server instead. The profile link is just there for moderation reasons.

I made a custom item box texture that looks a ton like the fake item box for giggles. Though I'm not sure how to add it to the List of Custom Objects. So heres a temporary download link from my profile I guess. Discord

Also here's a list of close friends that are also on the wiki.



Kinda doing a lot of things right now. But enjoy my overview of things.

Projects I am currently working on

Planned Projects

  • Crudely Retextured pack - Replaces all character textures with crudely redrawn versions.
  • Mario Kart Wii Riddim Music Pack.
  • Mario Kart Wii but its music from Super Mario Galaxy. (because galaxy music is Pogchamp.)
  • Silvagunner Music pack, This will be a collaboration with Flair.

Finished Projects


All Projects

Oh yea. Heres everything I've done:

By the same author: Bass_PHOX

Dubstep Music Pack

Character Textures:
The Glitchy Funky BoyPaint MarioPaint Luigi

Texture Hacked Tracks:
Hellish RoadScorching SunHellish Luigi Circuit

Custom Track Updates:
Hacked Jungle