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Hi my name is aidan190903,I am 17 years old and I am a British Custom Track creator. I love Mario Kart Wii and Custom Tracks, and have a lot of ideas that will soon be released, like a new remake of Carlisle Castleway and Cold Castle Cavern. However I still need help to create custom tracks myself, so if anyone would like to give me some help, please contact me on Discord. Thank you!!

Discord: iits_aidan#3477
YouTube: Youtube

My Custom Tracks

Name Version Information Future Updates
Paradise Gardens v1.2.1hotfix A collaboration with ANoob - Designed by Me Future plans to revamp and remodel
Rainbow Runway Beta 2 A collaboration with ANoob - Designed by Me Complete remake
Carlisle Castleway Alpha A castle course Complete Remake
Yoshi's Woolly Raceway v1.1.1 A track based off of Yoshi's Woolly World, including a large world with wool and thread everywhere. Despite a large world, it will be generically basic track design, going through fields, caves and then back to a little village and the start line. No future updates planned
Tricky Trees Alpha A track set in the treetops, a lot like Mario Kart 8's Wild Woods, except their will be two split paths and another which will be accessible on Lap two. The paths all go through a giant beehive filled with obstacles inside and out as well as some shortcuts. An update smoothening out the tracks design and adding detail and gameplay elements.
Circuit Boardway beta A track for CTJam 15 - Technology. Based upon the obvious circuitboards within the technology theme No future updates planned
Sunset Sewer v1.0 A track based around a sewer in the middle of the forest. Hopefully remodel some parts of the track to not feel as empty as well as edit some of the building structure to feature more room for shortcuts.

Upcoming Tracks

Name Release Information
Cold Castle Cavern ??? Originally named 'Cave Kingdom'. A frosty themed track where the racers start in a grassy Courtyard in a valley before entering a castle to then dive into a cavern with many twists and turns. This will also include underground segments and alternate routes. Before jumping through the cavern back into the grassy Courtyard, the racers will have an option to use one or two mushrooms to make a shortcut and jump onto a far rock to jump off of onto the the castle ridge and circle back into the cavern via an alternate route - Most definitely accessible only on Lap Two.
CTRNF Adventure Rally ??? A course that will be the entire Crash Team Racing Nitro Fuelled Adventure Mode maps (Yes, all five) rolled into one large rally track, including each section to have the portals and areas that would lead to other areas and challenges. Just a thought, might not be able to create.
Bowser Jr.'s Fort ????-??-?? A remake of the original course. A model has already been made and KcL is currently being made also. This remake will feature newer textures, more alternate routes, a new garden section and a castle wall section before wrapping around to the start outside the actual castle.
Koopa Park ??? A water park themed Custom Track centred around Koopa Troopa.
CTR N. Sanity Beach ??? A track remade to be more 'Mario/Nintendo' themed and originally from the Crash Team Racing Adventure Mode. Will end up being one part of many to come to make the CTRNF Adventure Rally track.
Meadow Skycourt ??? A track themed around the Mushroom Kingdom and featuring many elements, for example, a castle section, a cave section, a sky section featuring an airship and meadow section. Originally a design for what kind of tracks I would like featured in Mario Kart 9.
Banished Boardwalk ??? A track themed around a haunted boardwalk out on the ocean, inspired a lot by the Ghost Valley tracks.

Delayed Projects

Name Release Information
BBR Shark Harbour ??? Due to newly discovered problem, production has been stopped and the project has been scrapped and started again.