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Adding 2 AIParam files to a track changes some settings related to the CPU players, of which one is related to their speed:

The files appeared in tournament tracks made by Nintendo. Nintendo has had (at least) four different sets of AIParam files.

Some custom track developers include the AIParam files in their tracks, making it very hard for a human player to win, especially on easy tracks with wide streets. AIParam files are not recommended for custom tracks released to the general public. AIParam is not a substitute for good enemy routes.

You can also add AIParam into Common.szs, and it will affect all the tracks.

Removing AIParam

Open the SZS file with the SZS Explorer, right click the AIParam folder and select delete from the context menu. After storing the track the AIParam files are permanently removed.
Wiimms SZS Tools
Execute the command: wszst normalize --rm-aiparam TRACK.szs