Hey hello everyone. I'm Wingcapman, call me Wing if my nickname is too long to remember. The reason why I registered here is to share my Mario Kart Wii-related work to you all, and might even share ideas.


December 12, 2013 - I had some personal problems with people who were complaining about how I made Heart of China. Since then I'm working on another custom track (which also be my last one), which might require skills - Inside the Dreamcatcher.

March 16, 2015 - Updated my information page. I also might will scrap the track Inside the Dreamcatcher and publish it as a sort of open source, but I'm not sure if I'll do it or not.

August 12, 2018 (GMT+0200) - Retired from the Mario Kart Wii modding community. Not working on any Mario Kart Wii-related content anymore. However, if you ever want to have my files:

And for all menu and HUD-related stuff:


Heart of China , my first custom Mario Kart Wii track, which was NOT meant to be a custom Mario Kart Wii track after all. The model was a replica from a location which takes place in my story I've been writing and drawing since 2004, but I tweaked it too much to make it usable for Mario Kart Wii (so basically, it's not even a replica anymore). You can try it out in packs like CTGP-R (v1.03 series) or Cam, Tom and Troy's CTGP Pack, but you also can download it just without any packs or other files included.

Inside the Dreamcatcher , which is a track for "super players", meaning that this is a difficult track to play on. This track in general is kind of inspired by people who're doing researches about dreams, people who want to capture dreams in a video format...

Inside the Dreamcatcher starts in a room, inside this room there's a door you have to go in to. I wanted to make it look like you're racing in your thoughts or dreams. In the first section, you'll find a nice beach-themed location, pretty much in the Super Mario style as well, fitting for the game. There are note blocks which lets you bounce on them, some islands so here and there, and after a tunnel-effect you'll enter the second section - the castle section (better known as the nightmare section). This one's actually based of my old dreams I had when I was 8 years old. What happened in my dream is that every painting I saw in this huge room/hall, is that all of those were firing a long chain of fireballs. I tried my best to replicate it as a model, the location itself looks big and easy, while all the obstacles all around the place makes it intense and pretty difficult...

After the nightmare section, you'll enter the Tunnel of Light, which is another tunnel-effect. But at this point, the concept was made so that the dream simulator thing you're driving in is getting very unstable, so the last section (the corruption) is insanely hard because it looks pretty impossible to begin with; unfinished solid road objects, block objects and probably a lot of other objects are swarming all over the place. If you succeeded this section, you just made it in time to escape. Somewhere in a high location there's a gap to escape out of it, at this point you probably reached the end of your dream (concept-wise)... It's really an interesting concept, if you like a challenge, then this one might be something for you.

DS Dokan Course , my version is also known as DS Warp Pipe Island (might remove the DS part because it becomes my own creation after tweaking it too much)... This track was originally meant for collision testing purposes. But I always saw something more in this track ever since I've seen it. After trying out the track on Mario Kart DS, I've been wondering if someone will ever remake or port this track. Now that some people ported this track, I still kept thinking it misses something - which is a theme. It even looked unfinished for a test track, so I decided to fulfill my wish and started working on my own DS Dokan Course. As my nicknamed track sounds like, it's a big island with a lot of Warp Pipes around. As a concept, I've been thinking that Dolphins and Cheep Cheeps will be a great idea to put in to make the track more alive, and maybe some of these would be funny to see as obstacle if possible... After some testing rounds, I've been thinking that this track gives you this Koopa Cape feeling. Not all parts, but especially the parts where you drive in the pipes for example.

Item Mode Test Track ... As the name of the track says, it's basically made for testing purposes. Like how checkpoints work (misplaced them on purpose so that you'll notice where the mistake is made), itemboxes and items like bushes (what they spawn), and is battle-compatible (for finding out what files you'll need for making your own design battle-compatible).