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The Hacker
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Me getting out of bounds as always ! Bahahahahaha !

It's me, Iggy! I'm basically a crazy koopaling who got bored of Mario Kart Wii and decieded to crash it a lil' bit... Bahaha!
I kinda got some track in construction Like N64 Larry's Pumpkin Valley and others and I like so much to texture hack track with the Koopalings or the Thomas (some Friends of mine.) I'm working on a Big crazy project named Koopa Kart Wii and it'll be amazing ! Bwahahahaha!

Also, if ya wanna a texture hack of whatever track with the Koopalings, text me! 😉👍👍👍👍

What I'm working on

Name Date of release
N64 Larry's Pumpkin Valley 2023-03-??
SNES Lemmy Circuit 4 2023-??-??
3DS KoopaPolis Loops 2023-03-??
Square and Fair 2023-??-??
SMG Bowser Junior Plains 1 2023-03-??
SMG Bowser Junior Plains 2 2023-03-??
SNES Lemmy Circuit 4 Square and Fair N64 Larry's Pumpkin Valley 3DS KoopaPolis Loops SMG Bowser Junior Plains 2
3D model yes yes yes no yes
Course_model.brres no no yes no yes
Course.kcl no no yes no no
Course.kmp no no no no no

Best of

Here are my best projects!

Name Classification
Koopalings Colosseum Texture Hack
Koopalings Stadium Texture Hack
Morton's Dumb Mine Texture Hack
Bowser Junior Plains 1 Custom Track


koopa Kart Wii!

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