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I make custom tracks. You can find a list of them below.

Discord: TacoJosh#4634

YouTube Channel

Track Original Release Date Current Version Notes
Digitally Enhanced 2014-07-26 v2.2-Hotfix
FZMV Cloud Carpet 2017-06-25 v1.1a
Honeybee Hideout 2019-08-05 v1.3.1
Snowbound Slopes 2020-01-01 Beta
Coin Heaven 2020-05-04 v2.2
Fungal Jungle 2020-06-26 v1.21
Orbital Outpost 2020-11-21 Beta Collab with Ferv.
N64 Choco Mountain 2021-02-28 v1.11
Frantic Foot Race Frenzy 2021-04-01 v1.1 Made for April Fools 2021
Ghostly Gulch TBD Submission for the 2021 Halloween CT Jam
Neon Subway TBD The End

Also, it would be very kind if you respect these rules.

  • Do not make any kind of texture mods based on my tracks.
  • Do not steal models from my tracks. If you must, please consult with me first.
  • If you plan to use custom objects from my tracks, please provide credit if used. Would be extra nice if you asked for permission too.
  • Please do not leak any unreleased tracks of mine. This also includes adding them in your distributions. Please wait until I officially add them to the wiki.
  • You may not port my tracks to other games (MK7, MK8, etc) unless I've granted you permission.