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Discord Server: Casual Gaming Zone YouTube: RyderTheGamer05 Discord Tag: Ryder#9878


I'm a 17 year old guy who loves Nintendo games and watches anime. I have DiGeorge Syndrome and a lot of heart problems so a lot of things in life are very difficult for me. My emotions can sometimes get in control of me like when I lose my cool or get very frustrated. Favorite games are pretty much anything Mario related, Touhou Project,Minecraft, and Undertale.

If you want me to like you, just don't be a jerk, and it's good! Also I am extremely nervous of talking with people over the internet, so if you see me in a voice call, don't ask me to unmute.

Friends :)

Character Textures

  • Lime Toad on Lime Quacker The second texture I ever made. Also made with help from SpearX5544!To be honest this is my least favorite one, just because I think i could do better.
  • Full Purple Funky Kong My 5th texture edit! With help from Luigids! I like purple lol. 2022-07-01 UPDATE Added new vehicle textures and updated Funky Kong!
  • A Special Texture For MC98. Made this to show appreciation to a good youtuber and streamer friend of mine; MC98, as an early 24th birthday gift!

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