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Discord: Questorian #5227
Youtube: Questorian

Side Questorian

Hi, my name is Questorian, formerly known as Man-O-Wii, and I used to be an active track creator and community member until February of 2022, after which I have decided to distance myself from the community. Despite this distancing, I have decided I will continue to try creating some tracks on my own at least for a bit; no promises on my consistency with that, however. You can also still contact me at the listed Discord if needed.

My Creations

Please do not use resources from, or make major updates (bugfixes are fine) of any track of mine from Empty Space onward. Empty Space I would like to receive no updates whatsoever. However, this list of tracks includes all I would like to remain in the state they are apart from bugfixes:


I have a YouTube channel where I post videos about mods, games, and other various things. The link can be found above. I also have a second channel titled "Side Questorian", where I post less streamlined content along the lines of simple showcases of my mods, as well as other things. Feel free to check them out!

By the same author: Questorian

Empty Space

Custom Tracks:
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Tracks I've Updated:
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