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YouTube: Metabus
Steam: Metabus
Discord: Metabus#9959

Hey there im Metabus.
I maek tracks :)
ask for permission before updating my tracks :)

Major Tracks

Name Initial Release Current Version
Banished Keep 2021-12-04 v1.
Shy Guy Lumber Co. 2023-02-19 v1.2.5
The Grand Archives 2023-11-19 v1.0

Minor Tracks

Blizzard's Rise, Den-Z, Tranquility Temple, The Seamlands

Challenge Track

Frogger, Super Hexagon

Battle Arenas

WFUS The Blue Dragon

By the same author: Metabus

Major Tracks:
Banished KeepShy Guy Lumber Co.The Grand Archives

Minor Tracks:
Blizzard's RiseDen-ZTranquility TempleThe Seamlands

Challenge Tracks:
FroggerSuper Hexagon

Battle Arenas:
WFUS The Blue Dragon