I will continue to make and Mario Kart Wii original course.

I was registered in 2014.

We will create a custom track mainly I, (but is poor).


GK = Goomba Kart is. Goomba Kart = Kinopiokuppa's Design Game is.

My Custom Tracks

Name Date of latest release Status
GK2 Bowser's Castle 2021-06-12 v6.1
GK2 Rainbow Road 2019-07-14 v2.2b
GK2 Rainbow Shortroad 2016-04-30 v1.0
GK3 Koopa Castle 1 2016-12-23 v2.0
GK3 Koopa Castle 4 2016-08-01 v1.0
GK7 Baby Circuit 2017-01-09 v1.0
GK7 Bowser's Castle 2019-01-25 v3.1
GK7 Dry Bones Circuit 2020-12-27 v3.1
GK7 Rainbow Road 2020-12-27 v2.1
Koopa Paratroopa Castle 2020-06-06 v7.01
Maldive Road 2015-03-08 v1.0
Mallon's Circuit 2016-09-22 RC2
Poison Island 2014-12-30 v1.0
Thwomp's Lava Castle 2017-02-09 v2.0
Wario Circuit 2015-12-29 v1.1