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About Me

I have made six Mario Kart Wii levels, creating the first one, Rooster Island, in Fall 2011. Most of my modding experience is with Unreal Tournament 2004. You can see some of my custom skins here and maps here. I also run the Disastrous Consequences RPG Invasion server. My nickname is pronounced with an H like this: /ˈhɛfeɪ/ Hef-ay.

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Mario Kart Projects

I don't consider the majority custom levels, texture hacks, or character hacks to be actual "hacks" but instead modifications or mods for short. While the first few custom levels to be made for Mario Kart Wii were indeed created by hacking the game, most levels since then have simply used the tools created by the people who initially deciphered the game, MrBean and Chadderz, or more recent tools by Wiimm, KHacker35000vr, Vulcanus2 and others. I approach creating content for MKWii in much the same way I would with Unreal Tournament 2004, which shipped with an official level editor. In both cases I try to make quality mods with the tools available to me. I am proud that all of my levels perform well in split screen multiplayer without slowdown unlike many other custom tracks. Optimization is important!

I am no longer actively creating Mario Kart levels. If you are interested in updating one of my tracks, please contact me before releasing it.

Rooster Island

Rooster Island was my first custom track. It took about a week to create the initial model. It took another two weeks to completely finish the level. I wasn't sure what from-scratch custom tracks were capable of and what limitations there were in terms of poly count and textures, so I aimed for something simple, with an intentional N64 vibe. Since there weren't any tools for lighting levels available, I also picked bright, vibrant colors. I based many of my textures and colors on Super Mario 64, another game that didn't have light sourcing, and the beach sections were inspired by Koopa Troopa Beach from Mario Kart 64. I am mostly happy with the results, although I am disappointed in SketchUp's lack of texturing options, and had to change some of my texture choices to simple textures that wouldn't show alignment errors prominently. Otherwise I really like the program. People often assume this track was inspired by or based on The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker due to confusion with the name Dragon Roost Island, but it was not.

F-Zero White Land I

Even though I grew up in the era of the SNES, I didn't get into F-Zero until GX came out on the Gamecube, so my experience with the first game was almost non-existent. Even so, I wanted to pick an easy project for my second track and I wanted to do something from a MODE 7 SNES game that hadn't been done yet. I choose this level based on the map images on The layout looked good for Mario Kart, unlike many of the other tracks, which are dominated by long straightaways. A cool feature of this track is a series of nine jump ramps surrounded by off-road sections, which translate quite well to MKWhee, but are challenging. This level received a substantial revamp after I was finished with Rezway II.

F-Zero Big Blue

My third track. I wasn't going to do another F-Zero level originally, since I don't want to be strongly associated with making just one type of level. Big Blue is a bit longer than White Land I at the same scale, but is also an easier track. The original level has no jumps or boosts, just a few sharp turns, a very long straight away, a few rough spots and one slippery bend. In my remake, I added several boosts and increased the amount of sand in the rough areas to provide some challenge and shortcut opportunities. I also decided to make some futuristic dome structures to flesh out the level. I'm very happy with how this level turned out. I later went back to White Land and added similar structures.

Rezway II

Prompted by a discussion on YouTube, I had recently written a tutorial on how to remake paint tracks with SketchUp, while keeping the original scale and and KMP layout. I asked Trent Rez if I could take a stab at his remaking his old paint level, and the result was my fourth level for Mario Kart Wii.

Psyduck Cliffs

My fifth released track. After not working on custom tracks for several months, I decided to start a new project. I wanted to create a relatively straightforward and simple level. Originally it was going to be very short like Rezway II except have some height variation. Early on I noticed that part of the mountain area resembled a duck's head when viewed from above, and thought that would be a great way to make this a sequel to Rooster Island, which resembles a rooster. I couldn't decide on a name until after I asked ALPHAMARIOX if he could port Psyduck to Mario Kart Wii, since he had ported several other Pokemon recently. A fairly unique feature of this track is that it has smoothly banked turns. Very few parts of the road are actually flat.

Slot Circuit

My sixth custom level is a slot race track set on a coffee table in a living room. I think this level suffers from a lack of lighting more than my other releases due to a more realistic setting, but I am otherwise happy with the results.


I allow CT makers to reuse textures and other parts of models from my levels. If you do so, credit me on the track's page on the wiki. You can also find components listed on the Model Database where they are free for CT makers to reuse.

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