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Hi, Adrian is here, as you can see I'm uploading some mods, edits and specially Custom Tracks Distributions, AdrianM's CT Pack (I'm working on it).

I'm also going to announce that a guy called Varon (his YouTube Channel VaronBros Gaming) released other MKWii server called VaronFi, where they are free to use cheats only in regional races or battles (I currently do not understand it very well because until now they are only using FunRooms). You can join my official Mario Karter Playhouse server here:


VaronFi is a server created by Varon that serves those users who, probably, has been banned from Wiimmfi. The most important rule is that Hacking in Worldwides is forbidden but hacking in Regionals (or their cheat region) is fine.


More information here: GitHub.

Adrian21842's (aka. Adrian Muñoz) CT Packs

I'm working on a CT Pack which includes good Custom Tracks and especially Custom Battle Arenas, but actually this pack is currently in progress.

Adrian's Texture & Music Packs

In this section let's see how I upload random Textures but Custom Music (BRSTMs) and sounds (revo_kart.brsar) are made by me and another guy MetalJariPower.

More info. coming soon!

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