Spear Guy

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Spear Guy
Author: Dylanmario
Designer: Nintendo
Version: v1.2
Date of latest version: 2021-11-22
Editors used: Blender, BrawlCrate, Metanoia, Paint.NET
Download: Google Drive


Spear Guy is a variant of Shy Guy that first appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.[1] He goes over Baby Mario on all vehicles and comes with LOD, award and menu models. His model was imported from Mario Party 8.



Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2021-07-17 First release
v1.1 2021-07-29
  • Fixed textures on console.
  • Improved LOD model.
v1.2 2021-11-22
  • Updated Shy Guy model.
  • Changed Standard Kart S texture.
  • Slightly changed menu and award ceremony animations.
  • Repositioned lance to Spear Guy's hand.
  • Added multiplayer models.
  • Improved lighting.
  • Updated icons.


By the same author: Dylanmario