Red Sector A (Trent Rez)

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Red Sector A
Creator: Trent Rez
Designer: Trent Rez
Version: Beta 1
Date of latest version: August 24, 2010 (Beta 1)
Editors used: SketchUp, SZS Modifier, KMP Modifier


Red Sector A is the second track designed by Trent Rez, and is the original successor to Rezway.

"The track is a bit more difficult than Rezway, because it has no walls, and there are separate paths that the driver has to choose from, forcing the driver to make immediate decisions. The track is also surrounded by four walls that are colored red, black, and white, similar to the concept of racing in a box. There are no railing to the track. There are also no floors or ceilings. The bottom of the track is a colorful hemisphere, that makes you look like as if you're dropping into the infinite.

Development began immediately after Rezway (RC1) had been released. Around this time, the disk drive of my first Wii had stopped reading Wii discs. How did I managed to still continue work on this track, though? That's when I had ALPHAMARIOX run some tests on it, by sending him the test .SZS file. After awhile, I lost interest in finishing the track, as work had stopped for almost two years. It is just now in June 2012 that I found interest to pick up back where work had been left off, after seeing Jefe's method on re-creating the original MS Paint map model in SketchUp had been successful on Rezway 2. This will probably be released at the very earliest, late August."


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Release History

Version Release Date Version Info
Beta 1 August 24, 2010 Initial beta release.
v1.0 Coming soon Lots of changes!

Custom Track Distributions

This track has yet to be distributed.

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