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This article describes the record type USER of the Network Protocol.

Race Packet Sections
Name Amount Size Description
SLOT 0-1 0x08 Only used for redirected data via a proxy. The record identifies the original client by its slot number.
HEADER 1 0x10 A header for a race packet.
RACEHEADER_1 1 0x28 A record with basic race data.
RACEHEADER_2 0-1 0x28 A record with game-mode specific race data (not present in live view).
ROOM 0-1 0x04 A record containing a friend room message (not present outside friend room lobbies).
SELECT 0-1 0x38 A record containing data to set up a match (not present during races).
RACEDATA 1-2 0x40 A record containing race data for each player, such as positions or inputs.
USER 0-1 0xC0 A record containing user data such as Miis and friend codes.
ITEM 1-2 0x08 A record containing information about players' items.
EVENT 1 ≥ 0x18 A record transmitting item events.

typedef struct udp_user_t
  /*00*/   u32		record_id;	// bitfield for present miis (previously record ID)
  /*04*/   u16		max_mii_count;	// max amount of Miis in packet (always 0x0002)
  /*06*/   u16		unknown_06;	// always 0x0000 ?

  /*08*/   mii_t	mii[2];		// Mii data, 2*76 = 2*0x4c = 0x98 bytes
					// 0x0a,0x56: Mii name (10*u16)
					// 0x3e,0x8a: Creator name (10*u16)
					// ==> 76 instead of 74 bytes
					//     because of alignment

  /*a0*/   u64		wii_fc;         // Wii Friend code
  /*a8*/   u64		friend_code;	// FC, decimal view: 1234-5678-9012

  /*b0*/   u8		country;	// country flag code of user
  /*b1*/   u8           state;          // state / province code of user
  /*b2*/   u16		city;	        // always 0x0000 because MKWii doesn't transmit the city ID. only used in apps like the weather channel where the city matters
                   			// ==> country, state and city are "0xFF FF FFFF" 
					// ==> if the user disabled sharing his country information

  /*b4*/   u16		location_lon;	// longitude on world map (the actual degree value is approximately multiplied by 182.25)
  /*b6*/   u16		location_lat;	// latitude on world map  (the actual degree value is approximately multiplied by 182.25)

  /*b8*/   u16		racing_rankpts;	// online race ranking points
  /*ba*/   u16		battle_rankpts;	// online battle ranking points
  /*bc*/   u8		game_id3;	// 3. char of game_id, E|P
  /*bd*/   u8		region;		// Region. 0=NTSC-J, 1=NTSC-U, 2=PAL/EUR, 3=PAL/AUS, 4=Taiwan 5=South Korea
  /*be*/   u16		unknown_be;	// always 0
__attribute__ ((packed)) udp_user_t;

See for the country codes and this page for the state codes.