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This article is about a type of custom model that can be added via objects. For a list of objects that can be used for custom track models, see Model Database.


This is a list of Custom Objects created for custom tracks for Mario Kart Wii. They can be used by importing a custom object into the SZS file and referencing it inside the KMP file.

If one of the objects listed below is used in any track, the original author that created it must be credited on the page. However, permission is not needed for this. If a custom object is not on this list, permission does have to be required for it to be used.

List of Released Custom Objects

Custom Objects
Object Image Author Replaces Used in Download Notes
Animated MKTV Monitor Skipper93653 FlagB2 DS Wario Stadium (Skipper93653) Discord
Arrow Sign Bulzeeb pakkun_dokan Lateral Shift
Babut Custom Object Babut.PNG Cats4Life basabasa Discord
Big Tree 1 Custom Object Big Tree 1 Preview.jpg Caron Mdush Sky Beach (≤ v1.1) MediaFire
Big Tree 2 Custom Object Big Tree 2 Preview.jpg Caron Mdush Sky Beach (≥ v2.0), The Journey from Hell to Heaven, Zelda WW Outset Island MediaFire
GP DK Jungle Blue Parrot Blue Parrot BrawlCrate Preview.png Dylanmario bird GP Bananan Ruins (Dylanmario) Google Drive
Broozer Bruh de la Boi penguin_m Boo York Park Discord
Chief Chilly Custom Object Chief Chilly Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo Blue Loop (Kozakura), Chilly Cliffs, Frozen Divinity, Salt Delta MEGA
Choomba Custom Object Choomba Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo 3DS Neo Bowser City (ZPL), Triple Trouble Temple, Soft World MEGA The model has too many faces, so this may cause a Slow Motion Bug.
Crystal Custom Object Crystal Preview.png Caron Mdush Underground Sky, SNES Vanilla Lake 1 (Potatoman44), SNES Vanilla Lake 2 (Mystora), Salt Delta MediaFire
SMB1 Desert Bumper Custom Object SMB1 Desert Bumper Preview.png Retrostyle12 dokan_sfc Desert Run 1 Discord
GP DK Jungle Waving Flag Diddy Kong Waving Flag Diddy Kong BrawlCrate Preview.png Dylanmario group_enemy_c GP Bananan Ruins (Dylanmario) Google Drive
Dr. Goomba Tower Custom Object Dr. Goomba Tower Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo MEGA
SSBB Entei Custom Object SSBB Entei Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Discord
Fake Item Box Custom Object Fake Item Box Preview.png Bass_PHOX itembox Discord
Galoomba Custom Object Galoomba Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo Gold Leaf Skyway, Mushroom Valley (ZPL), Misty Road MEGA
Giga Bob-omb Bruh de la Boi koopaBall Discord
SM64 Goomba Custom Object SM64 Goomba Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo SM64 Style GCN Mario Circuit MEGA
Goombowser Custom Object Goombowser Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo Mario Circuit in Ohio, Fiery Factory, Fading Frost MEGA
Grass Chomp Custom Object Grass Chomp Preview.png Potatoman44 wanwan Discord
SSBB Groudon Custom Object SSBB Groudon Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Mario Circuit in Ohio Discord
MKAGP Item Box MKAGP Item Box BrawlCrate Preview.png Dylanmario itembox GP Bananan Ruins (Dylanmario) Google Drive
Jack O'Goomba Custom Object Jack O'Goomba Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo Skyscraper Sewerway, Jack-o-Goomba Boardwalk, Spooky Skeleton Spaghetti MEGA
Kamek Custom Object Kamek Preview.png Whipinsnapper basabasa MEGA
King Bob-omb Bruh de la Boi koopaFigure Discord
Koopa Paratroopas Custom Objects Koopa Paratroopas Preview.png Luca castletree2 GBA Sky Garden (Luca), Rainbow Solar System, Coin Soup Pot, SNES Koopa Beach 1 (ZPL), SNES Koopa Beach 2 (ZPL), Ice Cream Skies, The Journey from Hell to Heaven, Bi Skies (≤ v2.0), Wii U Cloudtop Cruise (Diego Vapy), Salt Delta Google Drive
N64 Luigi Raceway Cap Custom Object N64 Luigi Raceway Cap Preview.png zilly Crescent64 N64 Luigi Raceway (zilly) Discord
N64 Luigi Raceway Tree Custom Object N64 Luigi Raceway Tree Preview.png zilly gardentreeDS N64 Luigi Raceway (zilly) Discord
N64 Luigi Raceway TV Custom Object N64 Luigi Raceway TV Preview.png zilly fks_screen_wii N64 Luigi Raceway (zilly) Discord
SSBB Meta Ridley Custom Object SSBB Meta Ridley Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Castle Battle 1 Discord
SMO Multi Moon Bri StarRing Discord
NB Love Balloon Custom Object NB Love Balloon Preview.png 4TLPati castleballoon1 Bouncy Farm II Discord
Octoomba Custom Object Octoomba Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo Rainbow Floating Island, Vim Factory, Frostburn Falls, Area 64, Good Egg Drive MEGA While the feet look far apart in the preview, they appear normal in game due to the animation.
Oyaneko Custom Object Oyaneko Preview.png Cats4Life penguin_s N64 Sherbet Land HD (Cats4Life), Mount Magmeow Discord
SSBB Palkia Custom Object SSBB Palkia Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Discord
Pentagon Crystal Bulzeeb windmill Star Circuit (Bulzeeb)
Piranha Plant Wooden Cutout Bruh de la Boi karehayama Tour Paris Promenade (Bruh de la Boi), Tour Paris Promenade 3 (Bruh de la Boi) Discord
Ptooie Custom object PtooiePlant.png TacoJosh penguin_m Google Drive
Pumpjack Bruh de la Boi kinoko_bend and DemoCol Tour Los Angeles Laps 2 (TheGamingBram) Discord Instructions on how to set up and use the object are included with the download.
SSBB Rayquaza Custom Object SSBB Rayquaza Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Sky High Bash, Astronomical Beach Discord
SSBB Ridley Custom Object SSBB Ridley Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Discord
Shy Guy Custom Object Shy Guy Preview.png Whipinsnapper kuribo GBA Sunset Wilds (Flint), Route 46 (Davidslane), Castle Roadway (Kozakura), The Other Triple Trouble Temple, Yoshi's Floating Island MEGA
SSBB Skarmory Custom Object SSBB Skarmory Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Discord
Star Portal Custom Object Star Portal Preview.png BigOto2 sun 3DS Rainbow Road (BigOto2) Discord
SSBB Suicune Custom Object SSBB Suicune Preview.png Retrostyle12 peachtreeGC Discord
N64 Thwomp Custom Object N64 Thwomp Preview.png Omonimo747 dossun Nostalgic Bowser's Castle, Bowser's Flooded Castle (Nanoman6666), Marty's Mansion, Bowser's Castle 64, N64 Bowser's Castle Classic, Classic N64 Bowser's Castle
Topman Custom Object Topman Preview.png ScyHigh penguin_m Galactic Mall, Battlerock Galaxy Discord
Tree Custom Object Tree Preview.png Caron Mdush Astronomical Beach, Zelda WW Outset Island MediaFire
Waddle Dee Custom Object Waddle Dee.PNG Cats4Life penguin_m Discord
Waddle Doo Custom Object Waddle Doo.PNG Cats4Life kuribo Discord
N64 Wario Stadium Sign Custom Object N64 Wario Stadium Sign Preview.png Captain Kwark MarioGo64 N64 Wario Stadium (Captain Kwark, Wiimm & Tock) Discord
Whomp Custom Object Whomp Preview.png Bruh de la Boi escalator_group, bulldozer_left and bulldozer_right Tour Berlin Byways (Luigids, Toadette Hack Fan & Numerosity), Tour Berlin Byways (TheGamingBram), Tour Berlin Byways 2 (TheGamingBram), Tour Berlin Byways 3 (TheGamingBram) Discord Instructions on how to set up and use the object are included with the download.
Yoshi Custom Object Yoshi Preview.png Cats4Life kuribo Volcano Cape Ruins, Yoshi's Gloomy Woods Discord
Zombie Custom Object Zombie Preview.png Villain poihana Minecraft Flat World Icedrive Includes sound effects.