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faraphel.fr (https://faraphel.fr/mkwf) is a website created by Faraphel that lists all tracks present in Mario Kart Wii Faraphel.


This website contains information about all the tracks present in Mario Kart Wii Faraphel and allows anybody with a Discord account to:

  • Give a score to a track.
  • Post a comment on a track.
  • Report an issue.
  • See a thumbnail of the track and minimap.
  • Navigate a 3D model.
  • Get other information, like the author(s) or tag(s) of a track.


It is possible to search for a specific track based on these attributes:

  • The name of the track.
  • The author(s) of the track.
  • The tag(s) of the track (3DS, GCN, Boost, etc.).
  • The SHA1 of the track.
  • The score of the track (based on the newest mod version).
  • The special slot of the track.
  • The music slot of the track.


The website is still at an early stage and will see many other features added. For example, it is planned to add information about tracks not present in Mario Kart Wii Faraphel onto the website, but will still be able to have scores and comments.