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Author: Atlas
Operating Systems: Windows
Programming language: C#
Software Type: Converter
File Formats: BRFNT, TPL, VBFTA
Current Version: v1.3
Download: Google Drive

brfnt2tpl is a simple program made by Atlas that is able to convert TPL image files to BRFNT fonts and viceversa. After extracting a BRFNT, a VBFTA file will be created. The program supports any image formats except CI4, CI8 and CI14x2.


VBFTA (Vryzas Binary FonT Attributes) is a file format made by Atlas used for the standardization of the newly created font, after converting a TPL to BRFNT. It is generated automatically when exporting the TPL from a BRFNT, and the tool requires this file to have the same name as the TPL when importing for the conversion to work.


Drag and drop BRFNT fonts into the program to automatically create TPL files, and drag and drop TPL files to automatically create BRFNT fonts. You can also run the program and select the files (v1.3 only). Then, use BrawlBox to extract the images from the TPL file and for replacing them.


The program will replace any existing files after the conversion, for all BRFNTs, TPLs and VBFTAs with the same name located in the same folder.


The following limitations prevent the program to generate a corrupted BRFNT:

  • All the TPL images must have the same width and height.
  • All them must use the same format.
  • The TPL image count must not change.
  • They must not use a palette based format.
  • They must not have mipmaps. Use the latest version of BrawlBox to show the correct mipmaps (old ones may show an incorrect number).
  • The TPL file must not be compressed in any way.

Version History

Version Date of release Information
v1.0 2017-05-01 First release
v1.1 2017-05-02 Fixed writing error for the conversion from TPL to BRFNT.
v1.2 2017-05-08 Fixed support for changing image formats that makes the BRFNT size change.
v1.3 2017-07-29 Added open file dialog when running the program without the need of dragging and dropping any file into it.