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About me

Nice to meet you! Call me Zay! 22 years old and born in New York, though now I live in North Carolina! I have never made a custom track before and I'm getting into making custom music, which I find really fun!

My YouTube

While I do have a YouTube channel I haven't posted content onto it in a while. However that may change in the future with the fact that I Stream....

My Twitch

You can catch me on Twitch Streaming various games as well as other things! Pop in if you want and maybe follow it? [Twitch Channel]


Mario Kart Wii is such an awesome game for me! I played it ever since it came out and while I was completely unaware that the servers came back after they "Officially" went offline (way to be quick to the punch Zay) I came back in late 2019 and rediscovered how much I love it! Doing the custom music modding is quite fun and I'm thinking about what other kinds I can do as well as if it's possible for me to do music mods for other games....


While I'm not fluent in many languages and speak English basically 100% of the time, I am acquainted with other languages such as Spanish and Japanese. Spanish because of the fact that I am Puerto Rican, and Japanese because of my love and adoration for anime (Lol how unexpected). Its really fun to listen to especially given how much my family speaks Spanish around me.

Mario Kart Wii

When I first found out about the game through its reveal back in the mid 2000s, I was already in love with my Wii and I had to get this game when it came out! When I did, I loved it so much and I also owe it a lot. Especially for the fact that it and the Wii were my first tastes of Online play of any kind! It was so fun and I was so happy to come back to this game many years later and I have two people or rather Youtube Channels to thank: MrBean35000vr and TWD98. The both of them are amazing and I want to play with and or against them someday.


I'd be happy to talk if you want! My Discord is ZayZenBlaze#9318, and my Twitter is @NPStheGamer.