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Oh Hello! I am Yoshimokai! I would like to talk a bit about myself! I started playing MKW in August of 2009 and i feel in love with it! Growing up I loved to play with friends and play online. I would often watch MKW videos on YouTube. When the Nintendo WFC shut down, I stopped playing. I was sad I couldn't play online. It wasn't until around June of 2017 when I heard about Wiimmfi. I knew what to do, download it. It took a while for all the updates sure but it was all worth it! So yeah, that's a little about me. :)


Thank You TWD98, Huili, ps kaao, pfmp721and KevinVG207 for making such entertaining MKW YT videos!

Thank You Huili and Stunky and So Many Others for answering all the questions I had!

Thank You Everyone who has contributed to CTGP-R and Wiimmfi!

It has been so awesome to play online again!

Discord: Yoshimokai#6559

Sincerely, Yoshimokai