Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-10

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Wiimms Mario Kart
Fun 2019-10
Author: Wiimm
Type: ISO Patcher &
Riivolution Generator
Wii IDs: RMCE42, RMCP42, RMCJ42, RMCK42
Online Region: 142
Arenas: 10 custom battle arenas
Tracks: 32 Wii + >300 custom tracks
Release: 2019-10-26 (v1, planned)

Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-10, the successor of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2019-06, is a Custom Track Distribution made by Wiimm with much help from Leseratte.

This is the second MKW-Fun distribution based on the LE-CODE by Leseratte. LE-CODE allows up to 4000 custom tracks, enables battle arenas and supports the Korean version of Mario Kart Wii. See  »LE-CODE« for details.

Overview about Wiimms Distributions


2019-10-08, Deadline
  • Deadline for new tracks.
2019-10-12, Test
  • A first test version with item cheats.
2019-10-15, Deadline
  • Deadline for fixed tracks.
2019-10-19, RC1
  • Final track selection.
  • Release candidate without item cheats.
2019-10-26, v1
  • Final release.