Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2010-12

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Cover: WiiTDB cover
Author: Wiimm
Type ISO Patcher
Wii IDs: RMCE06, RMCP06
Tracks: 32 custom tracks
Vehicles: 27 texture hacks
Release: 2010-12-13
Update: 2011-06-12 (Download)

Wiimms Mario Kart Fun 2010-12 is a Custom Track Distribution made by Wiimm. It is distributed as ISO Patcher.

Download and Installation

Download and installation are described in a separate page: »Wiimms Mario Kart: Download and Install«. The installation guide is written in English and German.


2010-12-13, release (v1)
  • This was my very first Mario Kart distribution.
2010-12-13 .. 2011-02-29, releases v2 .. v4
  • Several updates to improve the generation process.
2011-06-12, release v5
  • Supports of new language and savegame options.


See also: https://ct.wiimm.de/dis/3

Slot Cup Track Author
1.1 Mushroom Luigi's Island Luigi
1.2 Mushroom N64 Yoshi Valley MKDasher
1.3 Mushroom Mushroom Peaks MrBean, mod by Teknik
1.4 Mushroom Thwomp Factory Igorseabra
2.1 Flower GCN Yoshi Circuit Cagnouto
2.2 Flower Rezway Trent
2.3 Flower Icy Shroom Road BigOto
2.4 Flower GCN Baby Park RC2 Pati
3.1 Star GBA Mario Circuit MrX
3.2 Star Fishdom Island BigOto
3.3 Star Haunted Woods Worldsboss
3.4 Star Mushroom Volcano BigOto2
4.1 Special Kartwood Creek Rich Petty
4.2 Special Space Road kHacker
4.3 Special Incendia Castle MrBean, mod by Teknik
4.4 Special GCN Rainbow Road MKDasher
5.1 Shell GBA Rainbow Road MKDasher & MrBean
5.2 Shell DS Airship Fortress Metak. & Dasher
5.3 Shell SNES Ghost Valley 1 Metaknight
5.4 Shell SNES Mario Circuit 1 MKDasher, mod by Teknik
6.1 Banana Northpole Slide Metaknight
6.2 Banana HeyHo Beach ARM, mod by Teknik
6.3 Banana Delfino Island RC2.1 Vulcanus
6.4 Banana N64 Wario Stadium Thondam
7.1 Leaf Digitally Enhanced Guilmon
7.2 Leaf GBA Bowser Castle 4 WK Tim
7.3 Leaf Volcanic Skyway RC1 BigOto
7.4 Leaf N64 Royal Raceway Jimbo
8.1 Lightning SNES Mario Circuit 2 Teknik
8.2 Lightning Chomp Valley MrBean & Chadderz
8.3 Lightning Illusion Canyon Igorseabra
8.4 Lightning SNES Bowser Castle 2 MKDasher