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Here, you will find information and news about the online Wiimmfi server. The information is aimed at custom track creators and editors.

Items before start (2021-05)

At the end of the year, it is planned to improve the existing ban systems on Wiimmfi, mainly in combination with mkw-ana's auto-ban support. One ban reason will be early item: a player gets or holds an item before a race starts. Right now, mkw-ana can detect that and automatically issue a ban (when the user who runs mkw-ana is a Wiimmfi moderator). Unfortunately, that creates some false positives when tracks contain item boxes right before the finish line so players start right inside these item boxes. Track authors will be able to include a LEX flag in their track to mark them if they position item boxes this way. This means that once a track like this is included in Wiimm's Custom Archive (which happens with all tracks published on this wiki), Wiimmfi will be able to ignore mkw-ana auto-bans for these items on that particular track. This exception is done by LEX:SET1.

Wiimms SZS Tools will include, as of v2.27a, a command which allows you to add a LEX file and add parameter @START-ITEM = 1 to section [SET1]. Older tool versions as of v2.22a have to set the hidden parameter @TEST1 = 1 in the same section (it is an alternative name for the same setting).

Reference: Tracks with declared start item

How to create a LEX template

Either you can use wlect create lex > course.lex.txt to create a complete LEX file, or wlect create set1 > course.lex.txt to create a LEX file with section SET1 only.

A minimal example looks like this:

@TEST1 = 1

After editing, use the command wlect encode course.lex.txt to create a binary file called course.lex. Copy this file into your track directory (next to course.kmp).