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Wiimm has made a patcher for MKWii and one for other games which patches the server addresses in the game to play on Wiimmfi after May 20th.


To patch an Image for the new server, you have to download Wiimms patching tool from his website:

Wiimm's Patchers (MKW and generic) also work with the AltWFC server.

Your Wii requires homebrew, a USB Loader (and it's requirements), and a copy of the image on a USB memory stick/hard drive.

Now follow these steps to patch your MKWii, Animal Crossing Wii or other games to the new server:

  1. Extract the content of the archive to any folder.
  2. Copy all images you want to patch into this folder.
  3. Windows users should start the create-image.bat, and Linux/Mac users should start the
  4. All games should be placed in the same folder as create-image.bat/sh. Once complete, the image will be in wiimmfi-images, unless patcher specifies otherwise

Playing from a real disc

MrBean35000vr has developed a "Wiimmfi Patcher" homebrew app to play Wii games online from a real disc without the need to rip and patch an ISO. The user must have the Homebrew Channel installed in order to run this app.

Download for Wiimmfi Patcher v0.4 (191 KB)

Bean's Wiimmfi Tutorial - Homebrew Channel


You should take care about the following when using a patched image:

  • If you want to keep one of your old profiles, you should first connect with one of those. It may lead to problems with your old profiles if you first generate a new one.
  • You can only use your old profiles. if the server knows the related nickname. To enable your old profile, you can start the PID-Tool (homebrew app) to dump the needed data out of the savegame.
  • If you get error 60000, then you are trying to connect with an unknown profile.
    • If you used the PID-Tool, wait some hours, because the data base is only updated every 8 hours. The Wiimmfi status page tells you the time of the last update.
  • If you get an error code starting with 23XXX, look here: