Wii U Ice Ice Outpost

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Ice Ice Outpost is a retro race course included with The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 downloadable content in Mario Kart 8. It is the third track of the Triforce Cup.

Original Version

Currently, there are no versions available.

Names in Other Languages

For Mario Kart tracks featured in games released after Mario Kart Wii, alternate names are used to avoid potential copyright issues for CTGP Revolution.
Original Name translations are based on Wii U Ice Ice Outpost. CTGP-R Name translations are based on Polar Outpost.

Language Original Name CTGP-R Name
Dutch: Wii U Toad's Poolbasis Polaire Uitpost
French: Wii U Station Glagla Avant-poste Polaire
German: Wii U Polarkreis-Parcours -
Italian: Wii U Pista Polare Avamposto Polare
Japanese: Wii U ツルツルツイスター ポーラーツイスター
Korean: Wii U 미끌미끌 트위스터 -
Portuguese: Wii U Circuito Ártico -
Russian: Wii U Полярный пробег Ледовый пробег
Spanish: Wii U Base Polar Base Helada
Greek: Wii U Πολική Διαδρομή Παγωμένη Διαδρομή
Polish: - -
Finnish: - -
Swedish: - -
Czech: - -
Danish: - -