Wii U Cloudtop Cruise

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This article is about the course in Mario Kart 8 known as Sky Garden in the Japanese version. For the track in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, see GBA Sky Garden.

Cloudtop Cruise is a retro race course from Mario Kart 8. It is the first track of the Special Cup.

Original Version

Currently, there are no versions available.

Names in Other Languages

For Mario Kart tracks featured in games released after Mario Kart Wii, alternate names are used to avoid potential copyright issues for CTGP Revolution.
Original Name translations are based on Wii U Cloudtop Cruise. CTGP-R Name translations are based on Cloudtop Skyway.

Language Original Name CTGP-R Name
Dutch: Wii U Wildewolkenweg Wolkentop Luchtweg
French: Wii U Dans les Nuages (NTSC)
Wii U Voie Céleste (PAL)
Voie Nuageuse
German: Wii U Wolkenstraße Wolken-Kreuzfahrt
Italian: Wii U Vascello Nuvolante Via Nuvolosa
Japanese: Wii U スカイガーデン スカイクルーズ
Korean: Wii U 스카이 가든 스카이 크루즈
Portuguese: Wii U Via Nublada -
Russian: Wii U Заоблачный круиз Заоблачная эстакада
Spanish: Wii U Ruta Celeste Autopista Celeste
Greek: Wii U Συννεφοκρουαζιέρα Συννεφόδρομος
Polish: - -
Finnish: Wii U Pilviristeily Pilvinen taivastie
Swedish: Wii U Molntoppskryssningen Molntoppshimmelsvägen
Czech: - -
Danish: - -