Wii U Bone-Dry Dunes

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Bone-Dry Dunes[en] is a retro race course from Mario Kart 8. It is the second track of the Special Cup.

Original Version

Currently, there is one remake in progress:

Names in Other Languages

For Mario Kart tracks featured in games released after Mario Kart Wii, alternate names are used to avoid potential copyright issues for CTGP Revolution.
Original Name translations are based on Wii U Bone-Dry Dunes.[en] CTGP-R Name translations are based on Dry Dry Dunes.

Language Original Name CTGP-R Name
Dutch: Wii U Dry Bowser's Woestijn Kurkdroge Duinen
French: Wii U Désert Toussec Désert Sec Sec
German: Wii U Knochentrockene Dünen Trockene Trockene Dünen
Italian: Wii U Deserto di Tartosso Dunas Ossosecco
Japanese: Wii U ホネホネさばく カラカラさきゅう
Korean: Wii U 뼈닥뼈닥 사막 -
Portuguese: Wii U Dunas Caveirinha -
Russian: Wii U Дюны скелетов Иссушенные дюны
Spanish: Wii U Dunas Huesitos Dunas Seco-Seco
Greek: Wii U Θίνες Σκελετών Κούπα Ξεραμένες Θίνες
Polish: - -
Finnish: Wii U Luunkuivat dyynit Kuiva-Kuiva-dyynit
Swedish: Wii U Snus Torra Sanddynerna Torra Torra Dyner
Czech: - -
Danish: - -
[en] - Known as Wii U Bone Dry Dunes in Europe and Australia