Wii ISO Renamer

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Wii ISO Renamer
Type: Executable (.exe)
Language: English
Current Version: v3
Download www.sendspace.com

Wii ISO Renamer is a Windows tool to modify Wii ISO image and change the ID6 and the game title on disc level. It can not change the title and IDs of the internal files (BOOT, TICKET and TMD). Only raw ISO images (not WBFS or other image formats) is supported.

Example: MarioKartWii.iso, RMCE01
Mario Kart Revolution.iso, RKRE01


  1. Download Wii ISO Renamer
  2. Open this program
  3. Open the MarioKartWii.iso
  4. Change the Name and ID
  5. Save ISO

Alternative Tools

The tool wit (Wiimms ISO Tools) can change title and IDs on disc, BOOT, TICKET and TMD level. It supports the image formats ISO, CISO (=WBI), WBFS and WDF and also images on a WBFS partition.