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Add new tracks to the topmost table! If you don't, your course may stay unreviewed!
Keep the unreviewed list alphabetical!


Staying The track has no major issues.
Maybe The track has minor issues, but it is unclear whether it will be removed from Variety Pack.
Getting Removed The track will be removed in the next update.
Removed The track has been removed from the pack.
Unreviewed The track has never been reviewed before.

Removal List

Unreviewed Tracks

Track Status Reason
Boshi Skatepark Unreviewed
Dawn Township Unreviewed
Forest Creek Unreviewed
Sunset Circuit Unreviewed
White Garden Unreviewed

v1.0 Tracks

Track Status Reason
Arrow Circuit Removed Freezes when we tested it, may come back
District 65 Removed Bad track, most people don't like it

v1.x Tracks

Track Status Reason
3DS Rosalina's Ice World Removed Beginning section is somewhat unbearable,
also it's really slippery everywhere making it bad for 200cc.
Codename: BIGBOX Removed It's just a box.
Electric Shredder Removed Ruined by Blue Shell Showdown and an unpopular track with a major position bug online.
Orange Loop Removed Items don't work properly.
Speeding Street Removed Items don't work properly, general track flaws.
Bowser's Courtyard Removed Not suitable for 200cc.
Wiimmfi Station Removed Most voted track to be removed.
Storage Unit Removed Checkpoint issues and general track flaws.
Mushroom Prison Removed General track flaws.
Alpine Skyway Removed General track flaws.
Lost Island Removed 2nd most voted track to be removed.
Oceanic Raceway Removed Not suitable for 200cc.
Cheese Road Removed Not suitable for 200cc.
SSBB Port Town Aero Dive Removed Pretty empty and various blind spots.

v2.x Tracks

Track Status Reason
Acid Factory Getting Removed Does not play well.
Bouncy Farm 1 Getting Removed Only really need one Bouncy Farm plus the second one functions better.
Christmas Dream 2 Getting Removed Same as Bouncy Farm, first one is better.
Dragonite's Island Getting Removed Overrated CTGP Track, plus need more "variety".
GCN Wario Colosseum Getting Removed Doesn't function well with 200cc.
GP Mario Beach Getting Removed CTGP track plus we have 3 other GP Tracks that aren't in CTGP
Justin's Box Track Getting Removed Upward sections don't function well, plus a bit too small in scale and has everyone is 1st glitch.
KMP Circuit Getting Removed Boundaries are horrible and isn't very fun to play.
Night Factory Maybe Depends if LE-CODE gets 200cc functioning cause boost panel section won't be possible on 200cc.
Nightlife Party Getting Removed Similar theme to Birthday Park plus this track is in CTGP.
Punch City 2 Getting Removed Same as Bouncy Farm and Christmas Dream 2.
Purple Peaks Getting Removed Not very good on visuals or gameplay (some jumps aren't consistent)
Rainbow Ray Road Getting Removed Track doesn't function well in general.
Shadow Woods Getting Removed Got into CTGP, need more variety.
Spacy Space Race Getting Removed Track doesn't function well in general.
Star Slope Getting Removed CTGP Track, plus has major flaws in design and kcl.
Unnamed Valley Getting Removed Got back into CTGP.
Village Passthrough Getting Removed Track has a blind jump which also does not function well on 200cc.
Waterway Getting Removed Ramps don't function well on 200cc.

Staying Tracks

Track Status Reason
Area 28 Staying Got no major problems with it
Crazy Chasm Staying Endless respawn bug has been fixed.
Darky Cliff Staying Visually the track is lacking but its difficulty gives the pack some variety.
Icy Vulcan Valley Staying It’s not that visually bland plus we are putting old tracks in considering this is Variety Pack.
Junk Food Wonderland Staying Track has returned and will be staying in.
Nightmare Staying Track maybe be difficult on 200cc and not possible to make the turns but it's supposed to be.
Quarter Mile Race Staying Need more meme tracks.