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About Me

Hello, I will keep this short and to the point! I am a 16-year-old Mario Kart Wii player who has been playing the game since it released in 2008. I became familiar with mods in 2011, and I installed homebrew on my vWii in the beginning of 2016. I am interested in playing many Custom Track Distributions, and I currently work on Yosh's Track Pack DX with the aid of Trainiax. I also go by Yosh and Yosh46.

Also, here are some social medias of mine:

Custom Track Distributions

Below you will find some distributions that I enjoy.

  • Mario Kart Z - This distribution is pretty fun, to be honest. It is a good alternative to CTGP-R at the moment since I don't play it that often anymore.
  • Wine's CT Pack - Very nostalgic to me despite the fact that I did not play it when it was popular.
  • Yosh's Track Pack DX - This is my current custom track distribution. I made it mostly to play CTWWs with my friends, but feel free to download the pack and join if you want. It should receive fairly frequent updates.


Here you can find some servers that I will talk in.

  • Custom Track Jams - I am very active in this server. If you just want to talk to me casually, I would join this server.
  • Yosh's Track Pack DX - This is the server for Yosh's Track Pack DX, but it also my "personal" server, so if you want to talk to me in general I would recommend joining anyway.