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Hey all, I'm Trainiax. I am a Wiiki moderator along side Bri, Bruh de la Boi, Krummers, and PeachKia52250vr. I currently work on the distributions Variation Sensation and Yosh's Track Pack DX, and I am also a moderator on the Custom Track Jam Discord server. I like making sure Wiimm's Custom Archive is as up-to-date and correct as possible, as evidenced by the mass amount of edits I have on the requests page. I also like playing Wiimm's Intermezzo, as well as the latest version of Wiimms Mario Kart Fun. I have not made any custom tracks yet (I technically have an author credit on Caliginous Valley, although my entire in that Jam was only as a joke; I only made the minimap for that track), although I do hope to one day fully learn, and I have made plenty of track updates learning various aspects of CT creation along the way.

Discord Server

I run a Discord server with Krummers called The Hipster Cave. It's pretty small right now and mainly used for organizing rooms, primarily for Intermezzo and WMKF.

By the same author: Trainiax

Custom Tracks:
Caliginous Valley

Texture Hacks:
Underwater Valley

Track Edits:
Lava FallsToad's Factory (Colossal Courses)Evil Peach Coast (Tiny Tracks)Translated Meadows (Tiny Tracks)Coke Factory (Tiny Tracks)Sweet Mountain (Stretched)Frozen Peak (Colossal Courses)
DK's Spring Summit (Tiny Tracks)Windy Valley (Tiny Tracks)Team Aqua's Mine (Colossal Courses)Waterfall Mine (Stretched)Quag Beach (Colossal Courses)Quag Beach (Stretched)Quag Beach (Tiny Tracks)

Custom Track Updates:
N64 Yoshi ValleyLavaflow VolcanoSH Casino ParkParadoxic WorldwaySSBB Port Town Aero DiveTop CityVolcanic Skyway IIVesuvio's InfernoAquatropolisBeagle Plains
Ocean CircuitGloomy CastleWavy HillVolcanic ValleySkyscraper SewerwayUnderground Sky: 1 Lap EditionElectric ShredderLee's Lesbian River in MissouriSnake WayFamilyside Townville
Mos Espa PodraceSimple CircleWii Mushroom GorgeThe Beginning of TimeAquaniaSNES Vanilla Lake 1Seekers GroundsRainbow Jump RoadDeadly Mushroom GorgeWairo's Mine Gold
A Small Course: 1 Lap EditionSunset RidgeSweet GardenWii Bowser's CastleTube TrackUnderground PuzzleVolcano BeachFart KartVolcano Beach 3Mario's World Trip Down Memory Lane
Rainbow Mountain FortressDesert Canyon WastelandMount MortonN64 Toad's TurnpikeSNES Rainbow RoadSM64 Bowser in the Dark WorldKiwi's Ten Minute and Thirty-nine Second TrackRockside River
N64 Royal RacewaySNES Koopa Beach 2Mii CircuitSeasonal Circuit3DS Rainbow RoadDustbowl OasisHeart TrackLilypad LakeLost Jungle Ruins

Texture Hack Updates:
Fiery Kinoko CaveQuag MallTeknik's Incendia CastleLuigi Circuit HD

Track Edit Updates:
Ant's SummitAnt's TreehouseFiery Kinoko Cave RHard DK SummitTeknik's Mushroom PeaksPink Gold Peach Beach (Stretched)Rotated Wario's Gold Mine

Trainiax's Test DistributionsVariation SensationYosh's Track Pack DX