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Track Update planned Date Changes
SNES Bowsers Castle 1 Only if necessary - -
SNES Bowsers Castle 2 Only if necessary - -
SNES Bowsers Castle 3 Yes Sometime 2014 CLR0 Update, KCL (done) and KMP update. (ran into some problems)
Petite Park Yes Mid 2014 BRRES update (done), new KCL and KMP
GCN Baby Park Only if necessary - Yes
GCN Sherbet Land Yes Someday Improved Model
SNES Rainbow Road Only if necessary - -
GBA Battle Course 2 Never - -
GCN Luigi's Scary Circuit (not really the name) Yes Hopefully 2014 KCL done, Brres, KMP? whats that?

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Tock (talk) 04:05, 11 July 2013 (UTC)