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Avatar (YouTube/Twitch):
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Country: Japan
YouTube: Syara
Twitch: syara000mkw

Hi there, I'm Japanese. I mainly create graphics and custom fonts.

I have registered YouTube, Twitch, Discord. If my name on other services, It's an imposter.

Custom Fonts

Title Type Version
Normal Style Extended Font 1.0
MK8 Style Extended Font 1.0
Splatoon 2 Extended Font 1.0
UD Shin Go Extended Font 1.0

Current Projects

Mario Kart Wii Second

Project-logo Mario Kart Wii Second.png

It's a better version of Mario Kart Wii. new fonts, language additions, U.I. improvements etc. It will be better Mario Kart Wii.

New Custom Track

I have a CT idea based on Google Map. I will probably create a big city track.