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As of April 2017, I am no longer actively participating in this community.

While this is an indefinite/likely non-returnable hiatus, I am currently collaborating with another author to update my release library.

Projects - Released

Jungle Island

My first custom track was Jungle Island, released on 1st of January, 2012.

It was created entirely with no design, but drew inspiration from Fishdom Island for its appearance and features.

This is my only non-port custom track to date.


In mid 2019, a remastered version began production as a collaborative effort with another author.

SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield

My second custom track was a of port Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64. Originally named SM64DS Bob-omb Battlefield, it was first released on the 16th of February, 2012.

A remake was made in the July of 2012, changing the course's layout and name to SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield.

A third remake was considered in 2017, but did not occur.

GBA Snow Land

My third custom track, GBA Snow Land made in Google SketchUp.

A remake using advanced modeling tools neared cosmetic completion, but did not make it to the track building portion of production. This was due to the higher standard set for Mode 7 track remakes introduced in Mario Kart 8.

DS Shroom Ridge

My fourth custom track, DS Shroom Ridge, released on the 6th of October, 2012.


In late 2019, development of a graphically updated version began as a part of an ongoing collaboration.

GP Mario Beach

Initially released on 31st December, 2012.

My fifth and most recent custom track, GP Mario Beach. The first port ever from from the Mario Kart GP series, as well as the first from a non-home console. It was created as a collabortive effort with DJ Lowgey, who provided the course assets.


In 2016, work on a remake (v2) began, but in time all known builds were lost. However, on the 16th of February, 2018, a relatively complete build was discovered and posted, with plans to potentially update it in the future.

Projects - Upcoming


As a part of an ongoing collaboration, a variety of other unreleased or previously-abandoned projects are being considered for update and release.


Please note that I do not claim copyright to models, textures, or other assets distributed or owned by Nintendo.

I do claim copyright to original assets and data, modifications, and other derivative works - these are not owned by Nintendo.

Please practice basic, common courtesy and ask permission before using anything I've created in your own tracks. I will likely say yes.

Please refer to this wiki's published works policy for information on how secondhand content may be used.