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Hi, I'm Stewie1.0, Stewie for short. I'm known as ★»ςτęωίε«★ on 3DS/MK7 so if you see me on an online race, that's me :P. MK8 I'm known as Σς♪ςτęωίε★. I'm also a MK7 Hacker, I make MK7 Custom Tracks, and I'm also the first to hack Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2. Now here are my planned tracks (help would be very appreciated!):

Tracks I finished:

In Progress:

  • Yumeyume: A track inspired by the Vocaloid song Yumeyume.

On Hold:

  • Anime Circuit v2 (I haven't touched this since July. I'm up to the 3rd section of the 4 or 5 anime's I'll be adding.)
  • CTR Hot Air Skyway (once I can get a model ripped from Crash Team Racing, I'll try to start this again.)
  • 3DS Mario Circuit
  • 3DS Wuhu Loop (Very slow progress. Hasn't been touched since April.)

Tracks I am going to do but save for later:

  • GCN Baby Park: I have the model (found it on 3D Warehouse, Credits to TurboYoshi) but I'm trying to export some of the rides (like the Ferris Wheel) and then remove them from the model so I can add animations to them. And I want to add the roller coaster. Plus a new addition: "Crawling Babies" (Probably just Baby Mario and Baby Luigi crawling, but with their Yoshi's Island looks)


Planned Tracks

  • A track inspired by Hatsune Miku Project Mirai. Right now, I'm making this track into MK7 and I might make it into MKWii. The model is maybe halfway done. Its fully modelled, but some of the textures aren't positioned correctly yet, and it has a placeholder wall texture. This track will be called Mirai Circuit. I also have a bunch of ideas for it in MK8, but I'm not sure if it'll happen.

Battle Tracks

  • N64 Big Donut: I'll probably use MK7's model instead of MK64's.
  • 3DS Wuhu Town

Custom Characters:

  • Hatsune Miku: A Vocaloid Singer, and in games like Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai for 3DS.
  • Ryuko Matoi: The main character from an anime called Kill la Kill (which will be the 1st section at Anime Circuit v2). I have a model of her, but it has too many polys and may heavily lag the game.
  • Rosa: The Female Trainer from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Again have a model of her, but too many polys. And the eyes look kinda weird.
  • Inkling Girl: The Inkling Girl from Splatoon. I'm already planning to make her into MK7 (which will be first and then sometime for MKWii). I have a model of her ripped from Splatoon.

And that's it for now!

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Custom Tracks:
Anime Circuit