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Hey there, I´m a user who´s specialized on (Multi Channel-) BRSTM´s, TPL´s and even THPs´s for Mario Kart Wii.


Cup icons comparison
  • Uploaded a newer ct_icons.tpl for CTGP-R v1.03. DOWNLOAD HERE and replace it with the original ct_icons.tpl in your MenuSingle.szs and MenuMulti.szs. The icons have a better resolution than the original and don´t have annoying white pixels on the outline. (Preview in the picture right)
    • Update of this one is in progress. Using a ct_icons.tpl with less taken space makes the 4-Player mode in CTGP playable again.
  • Uploaded two new THP´s.
-The first one works as mode selection for singleplayer and multiplayer (GP, Time Trials, Versus, Battle). It´s made of several trailers and gameplays from Mario Kart 8. On the "Battle" slot plays Nyan Cat, since nobody ever plays the battle mode in CTGP-R. :D Download
-The second one works as intro movie for MKW. It plays the Pokémon XY&Z intro as a shorter version. Preview Download
  • Uploaded another new THP.
It's thought to play in the Solo or Team selection part of the VS race. It shows a YouTuber dancing alone or with himself to demonstrate the Solo or Team mode. Download
  • Uploaded a working Channel.szs
This was meant to make the Mario Kart Channel working in an earlier phase of CTGP development. It's useless now, but here's the link :P Download
  • Created a Yoshi-Color-Skin-Pack. It's still in progress, but the next update might be the last already.
    • Update released. Check the page for info.