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About RoxDesigns
Country: Spain
YouTube: Rox Designs
Discord: Rox Designs#4827
Twitter: @RoxDesigns_


Hey, I'm RoxDesigns (formerly IuCat03), I'm a GFX designer and Custom Track creator. I speak Spanish so my English isn't perfect.

Custom Tracks

IuCat03's Road, my first CT

Here's a video (outdated)

BETA (outdated)
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Rox Raceway (coming soon)

Some screenshots of the model:

Rox Raceway SketchUp Model Screenshot.PNG

A proof of concept video:

Proof of concept, early

This was the first version of the model, I made it 4 years ago:

First version of the model, outdated First version of the model, outdated


  • A metro/subway/underground track.
By the same author: RoxMC

Custom Tracks:
IuCat03's RoadRox Raceway