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PC Freak

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Hello everybody! Welcome to my user page! (Thank god for letting me clean this messy, old, crappy, nooby text) I've been working on custom tracks for a long time now, but only released 1 on my own, 1 with someone else (Which is really crappy (I did not create the model!)) So, yeah! If you have any questions, ask them in the discussion page. Skype: kevinsskype207 My website: HERE

Custom Tracks I am currently working on

Up We Go

A simple track with a cannon and a vertical road.

Scrapped stuff! (Lost models etc.)


This is a little history table

Date What
2008 December My father buys a Wii
2011 January Downloading SZS Modifier
2011 January-April Testing my custom tracks made with paint. (All failed ]:-( )
2011 April Downloaded Sketchup and the OBJ Exporter and modeling my first custom track: Kevin's Castle!
2011 May Modeling my 2th custom track: Sandy Garden!
2011 May (later) Making an account on this site.
2011 June Modeling: Easy.
2011 June (later) Finishing and testing BETA of: Easy.



(Only for TT)

Minimap needed for BETA Model needed for BETA KCL needed for BETA KMP 50% needed for BETA Objects Camera
100% 100% 100% 50% 0% 0%

It's a space road.


I have many track ideas! You can see all of them below! I hope someone can make a custom track from them! And give me credit for designing!