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Blog Ninten's Corner

Hello there! I'm NintenYoshi, a fan of all things Nintendo and Mario Kart. I create several custom content for Mario Kart Wii. In game hacking I focus on Mario Kart Wii, and I'm learning Mario Kart DS at the moment. I am moderately good at creating custom tracks and other custom content for this game, however, I will be slowing down on it soon as I pursue other stuff.

If you want to remake or fix something in one of my creations feel free to do so, but please let me know. If there's any bugs you notice you let me know as well, much appreciated! You don't have to ask me to include one of my tracks on a distribution, however.

In case you want to contact me my most reliable place is at Discord: NintenYoshi#3135

Custom Tracks

Custom Battle Arenas


Future plans

These are my current custom track ideas that are/will be in development!

  • Puzzle Plank Pass: A track created by B O Y, that I will go on and recreate into Mario Kart Wii!
  • Honeylune Ridgeway: A track based off the Moon Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey!
  • A yet untitled custom track that involves all Rainbow Road's throughout Mario Kart's history!