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Avatar: Mkwjason.jpg
YouTube: mkwjason
Twitter: mkwjason
Skype: mkwjason

Hello, Guys! I'm mkwjason! I was a Custom Track/Object designer. I like to create "Ice" Custom Tracks.

If you need help with CTs or Objects feel free to ask/add me on Skype :)

Incidental making Texture Hacks & Track Edits.

My Custom Tracks

Name Version
Iceway v5.3
Coldway v2.2
Moonlight Way v1.1
Fireway v1.2
Sunshine Way v1.0
Lightway v1.0
Rampway v1.0

My Texture Hacks

SPASM Funky on Flame Runner (Funky Kong Texture)
Ice Desert (DS Desert Hills Texture)
Maple Greenway (Maple Treeway Texture)
Rainbow Greenroad (Rainbow Road Texture)
N64 DK's Jungle Greenway (N64 DK's Jungle Parkway Texture)
Koopa Greencap (Koopa Cape Texture)
SNES Ghost Greenvalley 2 (SNES Ghost Valley 2 Texture)

My Track Edits

Sunset Way (SNES Mario Circuit 3 Edit)
DS Twilight House (DS Twilight House Edit)
Chain Chomp Wheel (Chain Chomp Wheel Edit)
By the same author: mkwjason